Video: Operator Helps Rescue Woman in Icy Reservoir

In this week's news, a Utah water operator assists in a holiday miracle. Watch the dramatic rescue caught on a body camera.
Video: Operator Helps Rescue Woman in Icy Reservoir

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Thomas Braithwaite, a water operator in Brigham City, Utah, usually checks the Mantua Reservoir at 6 a.m. on his daily route. Not so on Nov. 29. On that day, Braithwaite was three hours late, which ended up making all the difference for a 32-year-old woman who had fallen through the reservoir’s thin ice.

The woman had been out walking with her two dogs when the dogs went onto the ice and fell in. She went after them, and also fell in.

“She got extremely lucky,” says Brad Nelson, an officer with the Mantua Police Department, in a FOX 13 report.

The remote area is gated off to vehicles, and the chances of someone discovering the woman would have been pretty slim, if not for Braithwaite’s tardiness.

“We check this area once a day,” Braithwaite says. “So I got up here and seen that there was a lady that had fallen through the ice. She grabbed hold of a dog, threw the dog up on the ice. She went under, and I thought she was done.”

Braithwaite called 911. Nelson arrived soon after and used a rescue device to pull the woman from the water. The woman was treated for hypothermia at a local hospital and has been released.

“I’ve seen many, many wonderful things in a 15-year career, and never have I ever seen a miracle like that,” says Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Joshua Carr, who also responded to the incident.

Source: FOX 13


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