Man-Down Alarms Locate Workers in an Emergency

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Man-Down Alarms Locate Workers in an Emergency
The TPASS 3 or SuperCELL SC500 from Grace Industries is a small worker-worn, motion-sensing, immediate-notification device.

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Do your operators work alone? Are they isolated, working in a remote part of a facility? Or perhaps your operators are alone during night or weekend shifts. Whatever the situation, Grace Industries has a solution for lone-employee safety so that help is always just minutes away.

Whether it’s portable, worker-worn devices or fixed-mount alerting systems, Grace Industries offers the perfect solution for any size facility. These devices are safe, waterproof, rugged, reliable and easy-to-use. There are no monthly fees, and all Grace Industry products feature a modular design that lets you expand your protection in the months or years to come. You can start off covering one room today, and cover the entire plant in the future.

The TPASS 3 or SuperCELL SC500 is a small worker-worn, motion-sensing, immediate-notification device. In the event of an emergency, the worn device goes into alarm mode after just 120 seconds and transmits an alarm. This system provides more protection and immediate notification when compared to traditional “check in-and-then-check- out” systems.

Other systems require employees to stop what they’re working on to check in. With that type of system, an employee could be left waiting between scheduled check-in times. Unfortunately, these traditional systems can leave a worker incapacitated for up to an hour. How long can you afford to wait?

With a Lone Worker Alarm System from Grace Industries, help will be on the way in as little as two minutes.

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For more than 40 years, Grace Industries has provided revolutionary and technically advanced safety devices throughout the United States and worldwide to more than 30 countries. The company’s innovative products support lone workers, mobile lone workers, firefighters, security guards, mine workers and others.


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