Inside the August 2014 Issue of Treatment Plant Operator

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Green Insurance Green Insurance
A poplar tree farm allows an Oregon utility to diversify its beneficial use options for Class B biosolids and significantly extends the land application season.
Industry News - August 2014 Worth Noting - August 2014 Product News - August 2014 Aeration float folds for deployment through reservoir manway Aeration float folds for deployment through reservoir manway Energy-saving, closed vessel UV system treats wastewater for reuse Energy-saving, closed vessel UV system treats wastewater for reuse Headworks and Biosolids Management Headworks and Biosolids Management Product Focus - August 2014 Positive Feedback Positive Feedback
Cloud-based software helps homeowners monitor and compare their water usage and take action, enabling their utility to cut consumption substantially.
Better Than Rehab
A new plant with a special lagoon treatment system helps a small Missouri city improve effluent quality and comply with state permit limits.
Double Duty Double Duty
A 1,650-acre wetland gives the City of Orlando an effective resource for nutrient removal — and a popular attraction for nature observers.
2014 Headworks and Biosolids Management Directory What’s All the Fuss? What’s All the Fuss?
By now biosolids should have come of age as a well-accepted recycled product, yet public suspicion still exists. Here’s a perspective on the issue from the Northwest US.
Trouble on the Horizon?
Dioxane has been appearing in community water supplies. Here’s a look at this emerging contaminant and the available treatments.
High Accuracy, Less Chemistry High Accuracy, Less Chemistry
A multiparameter online chlorine analyzer from Thermo Fisher Scientific helps water and wastewater facilities get reliable readings while using significantly less reagent.
Savings Everywhere
The Birch Bay Water and Sewer District team finds ways to save or extract energy from almost every aspect of facilities and operations.
Failure to Break Down
A sixth-grader’s science project clearly shows why consumers should take “flushable” with a grain of salt when buying disposable wipes.
Pulling Out All the Stops Pulling Out All the Stops
The City of Austin uses all available channels to promote water conservation in a drought-prone area where every drop counts.
August 2014 A Little More Oomph
Vermont shows the power of organizing outreach and education from the state association level.
The Reclamation Imperative
The “once through” approach to using natural resources fell out of favor long ago. Is it time to rethink that approach as it applies to wastewater treatment?
Good Well Hunting Good Well Hunting
The water utility in Wisconsin’s capital city combs older neighborhoods to find old private wells as part of efforts to protect its groundwater supply.
Up With Efficiency Up With Efficiency
Two advanced treatment plants in Florida make process and facility changes that save hundreds of thousands on electricity and chemicals.
A Stellar Team A Stellar Team
Award-winners Jennifer Baca and Chris Lopez meet every challenge, from the lab to the compost facility, at the Los Alamos County treatment plant.