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Close To Home Close To Home
Farmland next to the wastewater treatment plant is part of the recipe for an award-winning biosolids program in Moberly, Mo.
Worth Noting - February 2014 Polymer-Saving THK Thickening Centrifuge Polymer-Saving THK Thickening Centrifuge Product News - February 2014 Product News - February 2014 Learning Place Learning Place
A vacant administration building becomes a world-class environmental education center with LEED certification.
Biosolids Management And Headworks Biosolids Management And Headworks Biosolids Management And Headworks Biosolids Management And Headworks One Voice One Voice
A broad-based coalition of industry associations and businesses aims to raise the profile of infrastructure investment as a national priority.
Industry News - January 2014 Innovation In BNR Innovation In BNR
Missoula plant effluent cleansed of most nutrients will soon water 130 acres of poplar trees grown to maturity and harvested for saw logs.
Challenge Met Challenge Met
The treatment plant in Edmonds, Wash., racks up big savings and earns utility incentives with a wide range of energy-saving projects.
Right At Home Right At Home
John Leonhard gave up life as a traveling trainer and technician to lead a skilled plant team and ultimately supervise a brand new regional facility.
Keepers Of The Refuge Keepers Of The Refuge
Operators at a coastal California treatment plant help maintain an impressive wetland area that includes a multiuse public trail.
Two Ways Green Two Ways Green
A New York community devises an alternative biosolids management process that eliminates incinerator emissions and yields substantial cost savings.
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February 2014 Come In If You Dare… Come In If You Dare… Cause For Celebration?
Clean-water plants find ways to mark special occasions, including those not directly connected with water quality and environmental awareness.

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Nothing Left To Chance Nothing Left To Chance
The Beaver Water District safeguards supply volume and quality with a variety of protective measures and a lot of staff initiative.
Worth Noting - February 2014 Getting A Handle On Energy
There’s a simple process for cutting your treatment plant’s energy usage: benchmark, audit, implement and monitor.
Dual-Vessel Purification System Designed For Quick Setup Dual-Vessel Purification System Designed For Quick Setup Product News - February 2014 Product News - February 2014 Quack And The Pack Quack And The Pack
A team of superhero characters helps a Montana city deliver messages about wise water use and pollution prevention to school children.
Industry News - February 2014 Industry News - February 2014 Distribution Systems Distribution Systems Distribution Systems Distribution Systems What’s In Your Water? What’s In Your Water?
A digital particle analyzer from Fluid Imaging helps water system operators monitor, identify and quantify nuisance algae and particulate matter.
Strength In Numbers Strength In Numbers
Doug Strempek engaged innovation to improve water information systems and enhance resources as IT coordinator in Norridge, Ill.
From The Founder: Changing With The Times
The industry is growing and evolving, and so is your trade show.
Covering The Territory Covering The Territory
The Washington County Service Authority uses aggressive system upgrades and current technology to cut water losses and improve operating efficiency.
Shining Example Shining Example
Sacramento uses solar arrays at drinking water treatment plants to offset energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Sticky Solution Sticky Solution
A magnetic mounting system let a Southern California water district continue accepting wireless communication antennas after it banned welding and epoxy on tanks.
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Who Looks Out For You?
It takes more than just water professionals to run an efficient, customer-focused water system. Remember your allies in other city departments.