Inside the September 2012 Issue of Treatment Plant Operator

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On a Mission On a Mission
The team in Norman, Okla., thrives on communicatIon, shared responsibilIty, and a clear, simple goal to deliver safe water at low cost to the community.
Planned Excellence Planned Excellence
New Brightwater plant in King County, Wash., combines efficient treatment with odor control technologies that make the plant a good neighbor.
Private Perspective for Public Good Private Perspective for Public Good
Raymond Vermette Jr. continues to streamline his facility, relying on the latest technologies, a knowledgeable team, and support from his city officials.
Mixing Things Up Mixing Things Up
Large-blade, slow-speed wastewater mixing technologies gain recognition for providing solid performance with low-energy usage.
Wastewater Disinfectant Offers Alternative to Bleach
Proxitane WW-12 disinfectant from Solvay Chemicals
Product News - September 2012 Product News - September 2012 Digital  Technology Digital Technology Worth Noting - September 2012 Giant Microbes Giant Microbes
Sculptures at the Coeur d’Alene Wastewater Treatment Plant pay proper tribute to the tiny heroes of the activated sludge process.
Credit Where it’s Due
The clean-water profession is filled with facility leaders who never forget they are only as good as the members of the teams they lead.
Industry News - September 2012 Real-World Practice Real-World Practice
A pilot treatment plant at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville gives operator candidates the ultimate in hands-on instruction.
Scrubbing Bubbles Scrubbing Bubbles
A pulsed hydraulic mixing system helps an Ohio treatment plant resolve operating issues and homogenize grease for incineration.
Plant Pride Plant Pride
Treatment plant staff members in Greeley, Colo., are proud of the impression they make on young environmentalists.
Sized Just Right Sized Just Right
A 2.3 MW single-axis tracking solar system helps an Arizona town cut electricity costs and enables process changes that will save even more
Digital Technology Digital Technology