Inside the January 2012 Issue of Treatment Plant Operator

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Bug-Driven Performance Bug-Driven Performance
Close attention to microbiology helps the Big Coppitt reclamation plant continuously meet stringent water reuse standards in the Florida Keys
Process Chemistry/Lab Analysis Serious Business Serious Business
From a supersaturated dissolved oxygen system and solar biosolids drying to wildlife habitat and a xeriscape garden, an Arkansas plant keeps it green
Out and About Out and About
Two high-profile events give a Mississippi wastewater district’s employees their first opportunities to take the treatment story to the public
Being Neighborly Being Neighborly
Biotrickling reactors enable New Jersey treatment plants to eliminate hydrogen sulfide odors and gain good standing in the community
Closing the Deal
A clever marketing program helps Pompano Beach perk up demand for its residential reuse water and build up the base of customers
January Industry News
ITT Spins Off Xylem and ITT Exelis; Garney Construction Acquires Weaver, Names COO; Pall Named a Top Green Company; Neptune Corporate Brochure Available; Hach Announces BIG Picture Winners; Schwing Bioset Receives U.S. EPA Approval
What’s Wrong With Selling?
People in the clean-water professions should feel free to stand up in public and advocatefor the agencies they are sworn to serve
Where the Roads Diverge
Why are engineers and operators often at odds? The reason may have to do with different ways of thinking and seeing the world
Process Chemistry/Lab Analysis Process Chemistry/Lab Analysis Conveyor/Compactor Keeps  Screenings from Clogging Plant Conveyor/Compactor Keeps Screenings from Clogging Plant
ScrewpactorHD from Headworks
January Product News January Product News
Featured new products.
Tireless Devotion Tireless Devotion
Award-winner Kathy Cooper’s dedication to her role and her state association have benefited colleagues and other operators in the region
The Work Is the Reward The Work Is the Reward
Awards earned by Linda Barrier and her team at Rock Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant came from attention to detail — right down to the bugs
New Employees New Employees Worth Noting - January 2012
People/Awards; Education; Calendar