Process Chemistry/Lab Analysis

Process Chemistry/Lab Analysis
Scienceware test tube capper from Bel-Art Products

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Two parameters

The Thermo Scientific Orion benchtop pH/conductivity multiparameter meter from Environmental Express displays two parameters plus temperature at once and provides measurements in soil and water analysis applications. The meter is easy to set up and delivers long-life performance for R&D and QA/QC applications.

It features a bright, backlit LCD display with ready indication; simultaneous display of pH, mV or ORP and conductivity, plus temperature; a built-in Quick-Start Guide with calibration instructions; automatic or manual temperature compensation to two decimal places; and auto-read/hold function. The meter stores, displays and prints up to 10 methods with individual method password protection. It can operate an autosampler and stirrer probe (sold separately) and is IP54 dustproof and splash proof. 800/343-5319;


Fume hoods

UniFlow Aire-Stream fume hoods from HEMCO Corp. are constructed entirely of chemical-resistant, flame-retardant, nonmetallic composite resins and feature a unitized construction that does not require screws, bolts, rivets or metallic hardware to assemble. The units have low-flow, constant volume hoods and variable air volume and offer 50 percent energy savings. The hoods are available in widths from 30 to 96 inches and can be equipped with a wide selection of accessories. They are available in bench-mount and floor-mount models, and custom sizes can me modified to suit special needs. Work surfaces and base cabinets are available for each size hood. Process-specific models are PVC, polypro, phenolic or stainless steel-lined for phenolic acid or acid digestion. 800/779-4362;


Treatment additives

Hydrex water treatment additives from Kruger USA, part of Veolia Water, include a wide range of chemicals formulated for most applications. The line is categorized in product series (1000-9000) and includes solutions suitable for drinking water and wastewater treatment. A global support team provides amalgamation of chemistry and equipment technology. Hydrex professionals offer state-of-the-art complete carbon footprint assessments and ecoGreen alternatives. 919/677-8310;


Sampler changer

The 898 XYZ sampler changer from Metrohm USA is an XYZ automate for analysis of large sample series. Measurements and titrations are carried out directly in the sample vessels. Controlled by tiamo software, the unit fits 82 samples with the ability to change racks during operation.

The sampler can be operated with various sample racks and many applications can be directly automated. As the racks are split into two, racks with the next batch can be inserted while the samples are running. The software allows users to simply place the samples and enter sample data. Or users can enter the data with a barcode reader or balance. After the start signal, the whole batch is automatically processed. 800/727-6768;


Sulfide detector tubes

The Gastec Sulfide Ion in Solution Detector Tube No. 211 from Nextteq provides a quick and easy method for detecting sulfide ion levels in solution. No technical training is necessary to perform the test accurately. The detector tubes are available in four ranges for specific measuring, with a total range of 0.5 to 1,000 parts per million. No mixing of chemicals is required.

The direct-reading tubes produce a quantitative color-stain that pinpoints problem areas in two to three minutes. The calibration scale, printed directly on each tube, provides easy-to-read, on-the-spot results. The tubes save time by avoiding laboratory turnaround time. No color comparison chart or laboratory equipment is necessary to determine results. The color-stain ends with a clearly defined line of demarcation. 877/312-2333;


Portable multiparameter meter

The handheld portable Series 150 multi-parameter electrochemistry instrument from Orbeco-Hellige measures pH/Redox, dissolved oxygen and conductivity/TDS. The unit’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use, and its large display makes it easy to read. It has an RS232 and USB connection that allows the user to transmit stored data to a computer. The instrument is supplied with electrodes, buffers and accessories. 800/922-5242;


Horizontal flow sampler

The Swing Sampler from Nasco is designed for collecting samples from horizontal flowing streams, checking effluent going through an underground pipeline and sampling where several sewers intersect. The 960 ml high-density polyurethane bottle holder pivots to allow collection from any angle. The adjustable fiberglass pole extends from 6 to 12 feet (Model B01310) or from 8 to 24 feet (Model B01366). Aluminum threads on the end of the pole and a nylon adjustable locking ring hold the bottle in place. The bottle includes a plastic cover that contains a vinyl liner for a tight fit. 800/558-9595;


Synergistic treatment

PRI-SC (peroxide regenerated iron-sulfide control) from US Peroxide is a combination treatment that integrates iron salts with hydrogen peroxide in a synergistic and cost-effective way. The treatment involves adding an iron salt at the upper reaches of the collection system and using hydrogen peroxide to regenerate (oxidize) the spent iron at one or more points downstream, each time yielding fresh ferrous and ferric iron for subsequent treatment.

Incorporating a final regeneration site provides rapid oxidation of sulfides to very low levels, reducing the hydrogen sulfide loading to the influent scrubbers, and hydrous ferric iron that can be used for additional odor control. The process works with gravity interceptors, force main discharges and headworks treatment. 877/346-4262;


Sampling cabinet

The heated, insulated sampling cabinet from Sentry Equipment Corp. is constructed of 2-inch-thick foam insulation encapsulated in stainless steel sheet metal. The cabinet interior is seal-welded and the bottom sloped to a drain port that leads to the site’s oil and water sewer. These features aid in the cleanup of any spills inside the cabinet. An explosion-proof heating system maintains a temperature of 50 degrees F inside despite external freezing temperatures.

The exterior features a drip edge to prevent rain, snow and ice from penetrating the seal around the door, which is equipped with a three-point latch system. An external switch allows the heater to be turned off before opening the cabinet. Cabinets can be made to incorporate nitrogen inlets and vents to purge the cabinet of any volatile organic compounds. 262/567-7256;


Seasoned sampler

The All Season Sampler from QCEC offers low ownership cost and reduction in heat loss due to the high-R-factor construction. There are no sample tubes to replace and no maintenance or rebuilding is necessary. The sampler has an additional option that monitors each sample and provides accurate sample sizes to within 4 ml. It pulls up to a 300-foot horizontal draw and 28-foot head. The dual version can sample two locations with just one sampler. It uses the same refrigeration module as commercial machines, providing rapid and cost-effective temperature drawdowns. 515/266-2268;


Glass fiber filter

The 934-AH borosilicate glass fiber filter from Sterlitech Corp. establishes water quality in suspended solids content and meets all criteria for measuring suspended solids in water and wastewater as determined by Standard Method 2540D and EPA Method 160.2. The binderless borosilicate microfiber enables use with volatile suspended solids and other samples up to 1,022 degrees F. The filter features 1.5-micron particle retention and is available in a variety of diameters. 877/544-4420;


Bel-Art Scienceware Test Tube Capper

The Scienceware test tube capper from Bel-Art Products eliminates hand and finger fatigue that can be caused by the repetitive capping of test tubes. A vinyl-covered handheld fits in the palm of the hand while a polypropylene tip presses down on the cap to securely position it within the test tube. Designed for use with recessed center test tube caps, capping can be performed on glass or plastic test tubes. 800/423-5278;


Ammonia fighter

Bioscience offers a formulation of preselected Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter microbial strains for use in biological wastewater treatment plants receiving wastes containing ammonia. Microcat-XNL is a nonrefrigerated liquid. Microcat-XNC is a refrigerated slurry concentrate of the same composition that can be used at rates 1/10 or 1/20 those of XNL.

Microcat-XNL/XNC synergistically combines several natural ammonia-oxidizing microbial strains for reseeding nitrifying systems and enhancing performance under toxic, inhibitory or cold-weather conditions. When used for preventive maintenance, the product can improve the consistency of ongoing nitrification and overall system performance. 800/627-3069;


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