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January Product News
SJE-Rhombus Remote Monitoring System

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LMI Chemical Metering Pump

ROYTRONIC EXCEL Series AD chemical metering pumps from LMI Milton Roy, a Hamilton Sundstrand company, feature microprocessor control options and electromagnetics to meet all flow/pressure ratings. Pumps are available for applications up to 250 psi with capacities between 0.002 and 2.0 gph. Push-button controls for stroke speed and mode, LCD user interface, stroke adjustment and a low level float switch connection are available. Select models include a graphical display, alarm modes, external control options, pulse divide/multiple modes, pulse and 4-20 mA input and output connections, dual low level switch connection, universal voltage and advanced electronic features for pump configuration. 215/441-0800; www.miltonroy.com.


ProMation Nonspring Return Actuators

P9-13 Series, quarter-turn electric, nonspring return actuators from ProMation Engineering feature an industrial-grade design for use with all ball and butterfly valves or dampers requiring higher torque outputs from 17,500 inch-lbs to 40,500 inch-lbs. Other features include self-locking hardened steel drivetrain, mechanical end-of-travel stops and clutch-free manual override for single-handed positioning of the actuator in any direction. 352/544-8436; www.promationei.com.


SJE-Rhombus Remote Monitoring System

I-Link Cellular RTU and I-Link WebPortal remote motoring systems from SJE-Rhombus use an integral, cell-based communications gateway to provide two-way communication for monitoring pump lift stations and other water or wastewater pumping applications. The system consists of the I-Link 100 or 200 Cellular RTU hardware interface and customized data access through the I-Link Web portal that provides real-time system information, including monitored equipment, administrative services and report generation. The system can be installed in new control panels with retrofit units available. 888/342-5753; www.sjerhombus.com.


Duperon FlexRake Debris Cleaner

The Model FPFS FlexRake with Thru-Bar technology from Duperon ensures scrapers fully penetrate the bars and that horizontal cross members are cleaned on three sides, eliminating wrapping and clinging debris. Features include an energy-efficient operating speed of 0.5 rpm, which allows scrapers to discharge once per minute for reduced headloss and slot velocity, as well as minimizing debris accumulation. 800/ 383-8479; www.duperon.com.


Bredel High-Flow Sludge Pump

The SPX100D hose pump from Bredel is designed for challenging sludge applications. Using no valves, seals or rotors in the product stream, the pump can run dry and handle high grit or air entrained sludge. The pump handles flows to 400 gpm. Features include self-loading design, easy access to shims and shoes. Discharge pressure reaches 232 psi and operating speeds reach 30 rpm for continuous use and up to 38 rpm for intermittent use. Materials are fully contained within the hose element and don’t come in contact with moving pump parts. No drive realignment or off-site rebuilding of the pump is required. 800/282-8823; www.wmpg.com.


Blackmer System One

System One centrifugal pumps and reciprocating gas compressors from Blackmer are made for high-volume, severe-duty applications in the water and wastewater industries. Features include a stiffer heavy-duty shaft and larger bearings. The units are available in four frame variations: heavy-duty Frame S delivers up to 450 gpm, Frame A and LD17 reach capacities of 1,400 gpm, while Frame M offers a centerline mount for high-temperature applications with right- or left-side discharge. 616/241-1611; www.blackmer.com.


Electroswitch Time Delay Control Relay

The time delay control switch relay from Electroswitch mitigates arc flash danger in local circuit breaker operation by allowing for manually initiated time-delayed trip or close. A flashing LED notifies the operator of the pending trip or close operation and serves as a warning to evacuate the arc flash area. Once a local trip or close is initiated, the 10-second delay allows an operator to cancel the pending operation. To avoid inadvertent operation, control push-buttons must be depressed for four continuous seconds to activate the 10-second delay. Other delay time options are available. No special wiring is required for installation. 781/335-5200; www.electroswitch.com.


Schweitzer Ethernet Security Gateway

The SEL-3620 Ethernet security gateway from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. features enhanced firewall and access control for substations and industrial environments. The software offers centralized, user-based access controls to serial intelligent electronic devices, Ethernet IDs and protection devices downstream of the SEL-3620 without disturbing existing configurations or requiring infrastructure upgrades. The program also generates complex passwords and adds automatic password management that supports regular IED password changes on a user-configurable schedule or on a triggered basis. 509/332-1890; www.selinc.com.


FlowWorks Graphic Editing Tools

Data editing and analysis tools from FlowWorks Inc. enable users to highlight data directly on time-series, scatter graphs or in tables, then flip to an editing screen. Notes and editing history are saved so reverse changes can be made if needed. The FlowWorks Web platform collects data directly from SCADA systems, USGS and NOAA environmental stations. Designed to manage water, sewer, rainfall and other remote data, it can perform CSO event analysis and alarming and I&I and rainfall IDF analysis. FACE real-time data collection tools enable users to create new data channels from incoming data using equations, logical statements and advanced mathematical functions. 206/859-6999; www.flowworks.com.


NRP Multigas Scrubbers

NRP 90 and NRP 135 air scrubbers from NRP Products LLC are designed to remove H2S, ammonia and mercaptan odors from manholes, lift stations, pump stations and confined spaces. The NRP 90 has a 55 cfm suction system, built-in gas sensor to regulate on/off mode for H2S levels, filtering and scrubbing media and battery or AC operation, while the NRP 135 has a 135 cfm suction system. Both scrubbers use activated carbon for filtering and permanganate for scrubbing. 316/303-0505; www.nrp-inc.com.


Wahl Heat Spy Thermo Imaging Camera

The Heat Spy high-speed 30 Hz, 160 by 120 pixels thermal imaging camera from Wahl Instruments Inc. is available in two series with 16 different configurations. The z30 series Detector is designed for on-the-spot maintenance inspections and repair. The z50 series Inspector is designed for users required to document and prepare reports. The upgradable camera eliminates the need to buy multiple units for different applications. The z30 model features 11 languages, four color palettes, C, F or K degree measurement scales, hot/cold seeking and two fixed spot measurements. The z50 offers an additional seven color palettes (11 total), built-in emissivity table for easy lookup, measurement offset correction, digital camera and image storage via SD card. 800/421-2853; www.palmerwahl.com.


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