Composting Equipment - Roto-Mix 920-18

The Roto-Mix 920-18 horizontal rotary compost mixer has a mixing capacity of 920 cubic feet and can hold a maximum load of 26,100 pounds. It is designed to thoroughly mix materials to ensure rapid decomposition to produce quality compost. It is equipped with the GeneRation II Staggered Rotor Mixer to uniformly blend materials in a tumbling action that does not pack material and helps introduce air into the mix. The rotor lifts the material past the wedging point of the lower side auger, resulting in an aerated mixture while lowering power requirements. Total movement of material in the mixing chamber eliminates dead spots that are common in conventional auger mixers. Optional conveyors allow for the discharge and distribution of mixed nutrients with microorganisms into static compost piles or windrows. This size of mixer works well with medium to larger composting operations. It is available in truck, trailer or stationary options. 620-225-1142;


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