Controlling Odors in Wastewater Treatment Ponds

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Controlling Odors in Wastewater Treatment Ponds

This white paper will briefly explore the unique characteristics of floating wastewater mixers and how they can help control odors in the following three types of wastewater treatment ponds:

1. Equalization basins 

2. Deep industrial storage ponds 

3. Anaerobic ponds

When working to solve odor problems in these types of ponds, a few investigative questions can be helpful to get you to the solution for your particular scenario.

  • How was the pond designed?

  • Has the pond changed over the years?

  • What is the purpose and operational theory of each pond? Have ponds been added or closed?

  • Why are odors apparent on some days and not others?

A better understanding of the “hows” and “whys” of your system will help provide important clues to successfully solve odor problems in a variety of wastewater treatment plants. 

Download the white paper to learn more. 

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