Biosolids Handling/Hauling/Disposal/Application - BCR Neutralizer

The Neutralizer from BCR is a two-stage advanced oxidation process that converts waste activated sludge to Class A biosolids, which can be registered as a commercial fertilizer. The process is an 8-hour batch process that can process up to 3,650 dry tons per year in a 12 mgd facility. The highly scalable process thickens WAS to 4 percent total solids and adds chlorine dioxide for the first stage of the disinfection process. After pH adjustment, sodium nitrite is added to produce nitrous acid in situ, which completes the disinfection process. After processing, the biosolids are dewatered using any common dewatering method. The process is a closed system and eliminates odors normally associated with biosolids processing. The entire process uses approximately 10 percent of the energy expended by a single digester, making it cost-effective and reducing the carbon footprint of the plant. 904-819-9170;


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