Contracts & Awards - November 2015

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Two facilities install Neptune-Benson ETS-UV disinfection system

The County of New Castle, Delaware, awarded a contract to upgrade the UV disinfection system at its wastewater facility to ETS-UV by Neptune-Benson. The upgrade will convert a chlorine-based system to closed-vessel UV. The fully enclosed system uses automatic wipers to keep the lamp sleeves clean and uses fewer lamps. The City of Scottsburg, Indiana, also replaced a chlorine feed system with a closed-vessel ETS-UV system.

Envirogen starts first-of-its-kind hexavalent chromium treatment system

Envirogen Technologies started up a high-efficiency ion exchange system for the treatment of hexavalent chromium in drinking water supplies for California Water Service (Cal Water) in Salinas. It is the first permitted full-scale system to go online for treating hexavalent chromium since the state’s Division of Drinking Water released a new maximum contaminant level of 10 µg/L in July 2014. The ion exchange system will treat groundwater sourced from a well in the Cal Water system to be more than 20 percent lower than the MCL.

GE deploys first North American Monsal biosolids system in Idaho

The City of Rexburg, Idaho, selected the GE Monsal process and Monsal 70 technologies to treat biosolids. The project represents the first North American application of Monsal technologies and will allow Rexburg to meet federal standards. The Monsal technology uses an advanced anaerobic digestion process. The Monsal 70 system pasteurizes the material, creating Class A biosolids for beneficial use.

Los Angeles plant selects Xylem advanced oxidation process

Xylem was commissioned to install its WEDECO MiPRO photo advanced oxidation process at the City of Los Angeles Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant to comply with California groundwater recharge regulations for indirect potable reuse. The technology will be installed as a final barrier against pathogens and contaminants that cannot be removed by other technologies. It will be the first greenfield AOP design using UV light with chlorine for indirect potable reuse.

Kruger to install ACTIFLO system in Warwick, Rhode Island

Kruger will implement two 12.5 mgd ACTIFLO systems for the Warwick (Rhode Island) Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility’s phosphorus removal upgrade. This installation will include two 12.5 mgd Veolia-designed process treatment trains complete with controls, mixers, chemical and microsand feed equipment for a total design capacity of 25 mgd. The system will treat secondary effluent with total phosphorus as high as 1.5 mg/L down to an effluent limit of less than 0.10 mg/L.

HOBAS wins pipe contract in Ontario

HOBAS Pipe USA was chosen as the pipe supplier to the Upper Centennial Trunk Sewer Tunnel Project for the City of Hamilton, Ontario. McNally Construction was awarded the project and plans to purchase more than 17,000 feet of 72-inch HOBAS pipe.

American Water and Orlando Utilities launch home warranty programs

American Water Resources of Florida and Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) launched a partnership to offer home warranty protection programs to more than 200,000 residential customers in Orlando, St. Cloud and portions of unincorporated Orange and Osceola counties. As the exclusive provider of home warranty protection programs for OUC, American Water Resources of Florida aims to educate homeowners on their responsibilities with exterior water and sewer lines while helping homeowners guard against in-home plumbing problems.

Schwing Bioset completes installation in Florida

The City of Immokalee, Florida, chose Schwing Bioset as the design/build supplier of its Bioset process and reactor that converts raw sludge into Class AA biosolids for land application. Immokalee integrated the company’s twin-piston pump and dewatering screw press into the design.

World Water Works uses Landia mixer in North America’s first DEMON system

World Water Works used a Landia submersible mixer as part of a DEMON treatment system at the York River Treatment Plant in Seaford, Virginia, the first implementation of DEMON technology in North America, installed in a facility of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD). The DEMON system runs a two-step, single-stage process that uses two types of bacteria to first oxidize ammonia in wastewater to nitrite and then convert a combination of this nitrite and remaining ammonia into nitrogen gas. The mixer model POP-I mixes granulated sludge for the process.

City of Fayette hires Alliance Water Resources to manage water plant

Alliance Water Resources and Operations won a contract to manage the water treatment plant in Fayette, Missouri. The firm is providing contract operations and management services to help the facility keep up with regulatory and environmental mandates and deliver quality services at a competitive price.

LA County agency wins multiple awards for ANITA Mox process pilot test

Kruger partnered with the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County to compare the effectiveness of de-ammonification from two pilot-scale reactor configurations of ANITA Mox: a moving-bed biofilm reactor and the integrated fixed film activated sludge application. The American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists awarded the 2015 Honor Award for Research to the agency for its pilot work on ANITA Mox. The agency also received the 2014 Engineering Research Achievement of the Year from the California Water Environment Association.

PC Construction wins $20 million contract to upgrade Brunswick plant

PC Construction won a $20 million project with the Brunswick (Maine) Sewer District to upgrade its 50-year-old wastewater treatment facility. The company will replace equipment and systems that are at the end of their useful lives while improving the quality of the water discharged. The upgrades will help the district run the facility more efficiently while reducing operating costs.

American Water Resources wins contract renewal in Burlington, Iowa

American Water’s American Water Resources subsidiary won a five-year contract renewal as the preferred vendor to deliver service line protection in Burlington, Iowa. The protection programs protect homeowners from costs associated with leaks and breaks in waterlines, as well as clogs or blockages in sewer lines running through their property.

North Las Vegas Wastewater Plant gets GE LEAPmbr technology

GE provided the City of North Las Vegas, Nevada, with its high-performance LEAPmbr membrane bioreactor technology for an upgrade to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. By using the system, the city will reduce its energy and maintenance cost. LEAPmbr aeration technology provides optimal energy usage by reducing membrane air scour and essentially eliminating cyclic valve maintenance.

Headworks Bio commissions first IFAS system in Costa Rica

Headworks Bio has completed commissioning of the first integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) installation in Costa Rica. The system, an upgrade for the Ptar El Roble conventional activated sludge treatment facility in Puntarenas, divided the original aeration basins into two basins in each of the existing two trains. The first aeration basin in each train was then retrofitted as an IFAS basin with upgraded aeration, moving-bed bioreactor media, retention screens and new aeration blowers. The upgrade enabled a 45 percent increase in flow.


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