Sequencing Batch Reactors - Evoqua Water Technologies OMNIFLO SBR MAX

The OMNIFLO SBR MAX system with Jet Tech technology from Evoqua Water Technologies combines the benefits of a true-batch SBR with those of a continuous fill batch reactor process to treat wastewater influent flows to over five times design. The system optimizes hydraulic handling during storm flows, reduces equipment sizing and cost, and can trim energy costs over 15 percent. At low flow rates, the system operates in the True-Batch mode, and during peak flow events, the system automatically switches to operating as the GoFlo Continuous Fill Batch Reactor to dissipate peak flows and slash hydraulic overflow rates. It allows for the treatment of storm flows while maintaining excellent effluent quality. Quiescent settling is preserved at all flow rates up to storm flow. Influent velocity dissipation prevents sludge disturbance and short-circuiting. There is no need for additional EQ basins or oversized reactor basins. Simple automated controls make necessary adjustments easy.


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