Monitors - PMC Engineering Therm-Alert

The Therm-Alert from PMC Engineering is a flexible and customizable alarm system intended to warn employees when temperature or dew point in either an industrial or domestic working area reaches dangerous levels. The system is comprised of a high-performance capacitive humidity sensor with temperature element, coupled to a display with one or more switch outputs to control functions such as single or stackable warning lights and/or audible alarms. The system displays and annunciates temperature, dew point, relative humidity or any combination. Setpoints are customer programmable. Operating range is from 40 degrees below zero to 140 degrees F. The display is mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure for indoors or NEMA 4 for outdoors. The sensors can be installed within the main enclosure or in separate remote enclosures with or without a secondary display. 203-792-8686;


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