Water & Wastewater Product News: February 2017

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Water & Wastewater Product News: February 2017
The Proseries-M MD-3 hybrid diaphragm chemical metering pump from Blue-White

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Blue-White hybrid diaphragm chemical metering pump
The Proseries-M MD-3 hybrid diaphragm chemical metering pump from Blue-White has sonic-welded manifolds for added durability and protection from chemical leaks. It provides precision chemical metering for treatment of municipal water and wastewater. It is NSF 61, CE, ETL and NEMA 4X certified, has a 2,000-1 turndown, and provides smooth chemical dosing with no pulsation dampener. With 380 strokes per minute, it provides steady flow. It offers output rates to 58 gph and pressures to 145 psi, with a long service life at high pressures with no pressure regulator needed. PVDF wetted end fittings allow for over 14 inlet and outlet configurations. 714/893-8529

Force Flow polymer scale 
The Tote Bin Scale from Force Flow allows plant operators to accurately monitor the amount of polymer being fed from IBC-type totes for dewatering. Simply place the tote on the platform and monitoring begins, with nothing to install inside the tote. Systems prevent overfeed conditions and enable the documentation of the actual amount fed. It can be remotely monitored from SCADA or PLC. It is available with the SOLO G2 digital display or with the advanced Wizard 4000 chemical inventory monitoring system. Polymer day tank and drum scales are also available. 800/893-6723

PMC Engineering depth and level pressure transmitter 
The VersaLine VL4500 Series submersible transducer from PMC Engineering offers high-integrity construction in a compact design with a choice of millivolt or 4-20 mA configurations for most ranges. Built with a titanium body and diaphragm, this fully welded, compact 0.725-inch-diameter unit can be used for any application where corrosion is a concern. The standard Kevlar-reinforced polyurethane vented cable is molded to the transmitter providing a high-integrity waterproof assembly. It is available in ranges from 0 to 30 inches, 50-inch WC through 0 to 300 psi with 0.25 and 0.1 percent accuracies. 203/792-8686

Acrison high-feed-rate wetting cone
The High-Capacity Wetting Cone from Acrison is ideal for high-feed rate applications. It is designed to wet chemicals at rates up to 50 cubic feet per hour. In operation, complete water coverage is provided to the entire inside surface area of the wetting cone, which creates a cyclone vortex for effective wetting of the chemical. An eductor is used at the outlet to further mix the resulting solution and transport it to the point of application. A high-level probe is mounted on the cover of the wetting cone to shut down the system should an alarm condition occur. When coupled with a feeder, it is an efficient and effective device to wet chemicals like powder activated carbon, micro-sand and magnetite. 201/440-8300

Schneider Electric B-frame circuit breaker
The PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker from Schneider Electric is a 125-amp B-frame unit that is the smallest molded case circuit breaker in the Square D by Schneider Electric Powerpact range. EverLink ensures a lasting connection by mitigating the loosening effects of heat cycling or vibration. It uses economical, thermal magnetic sensing elements in each of the various one-, two-, three- and four-pole construction types. Designed to be flexible, it offers integrated DIN rail and traditional back-pan mounting capabilities without extra adapter brackets. 888/778-2733

Gast Manufacturing claw pumps
Gast Manufacturing claw pumps use significantly less horsepower to provide similar vacuum capability. They provide a 100-percent duty cycle and — with no carbon vanes and significantly less gear lubricant to replace — are quick, easy and cheap to maintain. The four claw pump models — PA.155, PA.315, VA.155 and VA.315 — use contactless rotors that are synchronized by gears without any lubrication in the pumping chamber. This frictionless operation avoids any residue (generated by rubbing during rotation) from contaminating the air supply; and means lower maintenance and operating costs, longer lasting performance and improved total cost of ownership. With nominal capacities from 186 to 360 cubic meters per hour at 60Hz, vacuum capability to 25.5 inches Hg and pressures up to 17 psi, the range is ideal for numerous vacuum, compression, aeration, extraction and drying applications. 269/926-6171

Gast Manufacturing oil-free rotary vane pumps
SB.16 and SB.40 oil-free rotary vane pumps from Gast Manufacturing have an industrial Monobloc design with the rotor assembled directly on the motor shaft. This direct-drive design means fewer moving parts, making them compact, reliable and easy to maintain. A rear centrifugal fan ensures optimal cooling of the pump and each comes with protective filters at the inlet and silencers at the outlet. Both models are also suitable for use as compressors. A third model, the SC.100, has the rotor installed on the shaft and fixed by two bearings, with the motor being connected by a flexible coupling. The fan is installed between the pump housing and motor to ensure optimal cooling; and a compact housing provides protection and keeps noise levels extremely low. They offer nominal capacities from 19 to 150 cubic meters per hour at 60Hz, and provide vacuum in excess of 26 inches Hg. 269/926-6171

Gast Manufacturing oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps
The 10-model range of oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps from Gast Manufacturing — including the LB.8, LC.12, LC20, LC.25, LC40, LC60, LC106, LC151, LC.205 and LC.305 — are ideal where the intake flow may require higher flow and deeper vacuum. For applications where intake vapor is considerable, a WR version features an integral system that separates oil and water condensate, which is then expelled when the pump is stopped. They offer nominal capacities from 9 to 365 cubic meters per hour at 60Hz and total final pressures between 1.5 and 0.08 Torr. 269/926-6171

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection gas detector
The DG-TT7-S H2S gas detector with Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) sensor from Tyco Gas & Flame Detection underwent stringent functional safety assessments by an external certification body and is now SIL 2 approved. They are used mainly for the detection of hydrogen sulfide in arid locations having air present or in locations with a continuous hydrogen sulfide background. The sensor specifies a wider continuous operating temperature range than the standard electrochemical sensors up to 149 degrees F. It supports the HART 7 protocol option for full configuration and diagnostics over non-proprietary interface. It has onboard relays, plug-and-play sensors and a high-visible display that changes color depending on the status mode. 800/558-5236

Dwyer Instruments acrylic flowmeter with Roto-Gear valve
Series VFCR Visi-Float acrylic flowmeters from Dwyer Instruments have Roto-Gear valve technology with full on/off control and precise flow adjustment. The direct-reading variable area flowmeter has scales for liquid or gas applications. Roto-Gear valve technology permits full open to close adjustment while maintaining fine flow control of the process media in one valve design. Installation, operation and maintenance are simple, ensuring a long, accurate and trouble-free operation life. The user can easily remove or replace the valve assembly. 800/872-9141

Bionomic Industries NOx scrubbing solution
Low-toxicity BIONOxSOLVER from Bionomic Industries will not liberate flammable and dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas at pH use conditions in scrubbers, and its formulation of nitrogen dioxide-reducing agents can achieve over 33-percent greater removal efficiency with a simple addition to caustic. Typical applications include removal of nitrogen dioxide emissions from catalyst calcining and preparation, precious metals dissolving, acid dipping and pickling of metals, silicon wafer and circuit board etching, nitrite and nitrate chemical production, medicinal production, nitric acid storage and purging, and nitrogen dioxide removal. 201/529-1094

Goulds Water Technology sump and effluent pump
The GSP0511 1/2 hp sump and effluent pump from Goulds Water Technology is engineered to provide protection from water damage. It is an extension of the GSP series featuring the same cast-iron body, corrosion-resistant fasteners, oil-cooled motor and thermoplastic impeller and a cast iron base. The compact unit is designed for basement draining, water transfer, dewatering and filtered effluent. It is available as an automatic version with a built-in vertical float switch or a manual version. With thermal overload protection, the pump is able to protect against over-heating. The design includes a built-in vent hole to prevent an air-lock condition. Its silicon carbide seal provides protection against sand and abrasive damage. Its cast iron suction strainer encompasses the base of the pump to protect from possible debris entry and the corrosion-resistant hardware offers solid durability. 866/325-4210


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