Distillation/Floridation Equipment and Microbiological Control - Bionetix International HYGIEA 2200 FF 10X

HYGIEA 2200 FF 10X liquid odor control concentrate from Bionetix International contains all-natural ingredients that fight unpleasant odors by forming complexes with and absorbing chemicals/particles such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. It also biodegrades these chemicals, producing a long-lasting effect by eliminating odors immediately and persistently instead of just masking them. This bio-blend can be diluted with water and automatically metered into wastewater at municipal treatment plants to control odor. It can also be sprayed in the ambient air to remove odors and stains in bathrooms, laundry and fitness facilities, garbage pails, dumpsters, garbage trucks, landfills or high-odor areas of treatment plants. It is a green, free-flowing liquid with a fresh mint fragrance. It should be diluted at a ratio of 1-to-10 by the end user before application. 514-457-2914; www.bionetix-international.com


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