Grit Handling/Removal/Hauling - Smith & Loveless PISTA 360

The grit chamber design on the PISTA 360 from Smith & Loveless has a circular flat floor and V-FORCE BAFFLE that creates a hydraulic vortex action providing for 95 percent removal efficiency for particles down to 100 microns. The V-FORCE BAFFLE ensures the proper velocity (in varying flow conditions) and extended flow path necessary for effective grit removal. Grit is swept along the flat chamber floor and into a center core opening for removal to the lower collection hopper. Lighter organic material is separated and lifted up by nearby paddles (enabling it to continue downstream) while heavier grit particles are removed. No additional downstream flow-control devices are required to keep the velocity in the ideal range (between 2 and 3.5 feet per second). The system possesses a 10-1 turndown ratio, reducing the overall footprint, including number of units required. 800/898-9122;


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