Product Spotlight - Wastewater: System takes grit removal to miniscule levels

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: System takes grit removal to miniscule levels

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Excessive grit is a costly component of both the water and wastewater treatment processes, clogging systems, reducing efficiencies and causing abrasion damage and wear that often leads to increased cleaning, maintenance and repair. Smith & Loveless combats the problem with its next-generation grit chamber innovation, PISTA INVORSOR, designed to capture ultra-fine grit particles down to 75-micron particles across all flow conditions.

“Over the last several years, the marketplace seems to be looking for finer and finer grit removal,” says Smith & Loveless President Frank Rebori. “Recognizing that some customers really want to push the envelope to 75-micron grit removal, we said ‘Let’s look at that, and let’s step up the challenge.’”

The PISTA INVORSOR combines two advanced particle separation processes — flat floor hydraulic vortex and inclined plate settling — in one chamber to successfully achieve 95% removal of ultra-fine particles as small as 75 microns.

“Why not create and innovate our technology into a system that has no derated efficiencies, enabling nearly full removal of miniscule grit particles at all flow rates?” says William Flores, vice president of municipal Systems for Smith & Loveless. “There is no excessive water requirements, and no downstream grit accumulation.”

A key distinguishing factor of this technology is the consistent high removal efficiency attained at all flow conditions, including low flow, daily flow and peak flow conditions, meaning performance is never derated at peak.

“We really took it to the next level,” says Rebori. “We combined the efficiencies of the PISTA flat-floor vortex and combined it with enhanced settling by inclined plates meeting a defined surface overflow rate.”

This allows the system to be sized by flow or by a defined cut particle size. Compared to previous fine particle grit removal systems, the INVORSOR delivers lower capital and operational costs, larger capacity in individual units, greater design flexibility for inlet-outlet design options, and a high surface area-to-volume ratio to generate consistent fine grit capture during low flow, daily flow and peak flow conditions — up to 50 mgd in single units, according to Alex Zuzelski, design engineering manager for Smith & Loveless.

“Long term with this product, customers are going to get better capture and more in the dumpster,” he says. “That means less downstream, less maintenance, less draining and less headaches.” 



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