Clarifiers - Leopold - a Xylem Brand Clari-Vac

The Clari-Vac floating biosolids collector from Leopold - a Xylem Brand uses a siphon that provides a simple and efficient means of removing biosolids from rectangular clarification basins for both secondary wastewater and potable water applications. Minimized maintenance, energy consumption and operational costs are achieved through providing a reliable solution capable of handling varying system biosolids production volumes. Stainless steel collection headers siphon biosolids from the floor of the tank (up to 12 feet per minute), with no stirring action involved. A degassing system prevents the loss of flow capacity, reducing system downtime. A fully self-supporting rigid structural design allows for trouble-free maintenance during tank drain-down periods. There are no moving parts below the water’s surface and no downtime to drain the tank for part maintenance or replacement. 855/995-4261;


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