Three Wastewater Treatment Filtration Innovations for a Cleaner Future

Three Wastewater Treatment Filtration Innovations for a Cleaner Future

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Innovative wastewater filtration solutions are making waves with their advanced capabilities. From ozone-enhanced filtration systems that effectively break down contaminants in municipal wastewater, to self-contained modules designed for nitrogen reduction and ultraviolet disinfection in small or challenging sites, the industry is seeing a variety of sophisticated approaches. These systems not only meet stringent environmental and regulatory standards but also contribute to sustainability goals by minimizing waste. 

Leopold - a Xylem Brand Oxelia
Oxelia from Leopold - a Xylem Brand is an ozone-enhanced, biologically active filtration system and multibarrier solution for municipal wastewater treatment. It breaks down and removes contaminants including taste and odor-causing geosmin and CECs. The system can be configured precisely for a water matrix, energy and regulatory requirements for a cost-effective solution. The system’s oxidation step uses ozone and ozone-based Advance Oxidation Process, or UV-based AOP, to break down organic carbon compounds into smaller, biodegradable components while providing an oxygen-saturated water. It combines ozone, filtration and analytical instrumentation to deliver optimal wastewater treatment for water reuse and discharge into sensitive waters. 


Orenco Systems AdvanTex AX20-RTUV Treatment System
The AdvanTex AX20-RTUV Treatment System from Orenco Systems is a self-contained module that treats typical septic tank effluent to better than secondary standards, with nitrogen reduction and ultraviolet disinfection. It is especially suited for small sites with poor soils or that require shallow burial. It helps protect surface waters and aquifers and is an effective solution for areas that have strict discharge limits. It is installed following a septic tank equipped with Biotube Effluent Filters. The unit eliminates the need for separate recirc, treatment, discharge and disinfection tanks and basins and reduces the number of risers and lids needed in the treatment train. 


Spencer Strainer Systems self-cleaning filters
Spencer Strainer Systems self-cleaning filters screen remove oversize particles from process or wastewater flows of up to 2,500 gpm without filter elements or bags. Models of various sizes are available for continuous process flow of up to 2,500 gpm. Wedgewire or perforated screens of various openings are available and interchangeable, allowing one strainer to be used for multiple applications. With no bags or elements to dispose of, this technology allows users to meet facility sustainability goals. Systems are a reliable, cost-effective solution for process or wastewater screening applications in a wide range of industries. 



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