Chemical/Polymer Feeding Equipment - Force Flow/Halogen Chlor-Scale

The Chlor-Scale ton container scale from Force Flow/Halogen safely cradles a chlorine ton container while providing feed and chemical inventory information. Know in real time exactly how much chlorine has been fed and how much remains in the tank. Receive warnings of excessive or insufficient feed rates and remotely monitor from a PLC or SCADA system. To protect the chlorination system from a dangerous leak, the Eclipse emergency valve shut-off system instantly closes the container valve when a signal is received from a leak detector, panic button or from SCADA. The actuator quickly installs on the tank without the use of any tools and allows manual operation of the valve while in place. During an emergency shutdown event, the system measures the actual torque applied to the valve to ensure the valve is closed to Chlorine Institute recommended standards, and provides remote confirmation that the emergency close operation successfully closed the valve. 800/893-6723;


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