Sensors - BinMaster Level Controls SmartBob2 SS

The SmartBob2 SS sensor from BinMaster measures the level of solid material beneath a liquid surface, without climbing tanks. It is ideal for measuring salt, sediment, sand or waste that has settled underwater. The weighted sensor is attached to a stainless steel cable that can withstand corrosive materials. The sensor is mounted on top of a tank, and a weighted probe drops down through the liquid until it comes in contact with the material settled at the bottom of the tank. The probe automatically retracts and makes an accurate record of the data. The results are monitored from a control console or PC loaded with eBob software. The reports include the distance to the solid material, the height of the solid material and what percentage of the tank is full of solid material. A single console can monitor the contents of up to 128 tanks. 402/434-9102;


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