Valves - Victaulic Series 365 AWWA Vic-Plug

The Series 365 AWWA Vic-Plug valve from Victaulic is a grooved-end eccentric plug valve designed to ANSI/AWWA standards. The body conforms to AWWA C-509 standard end-to-end dimensions, while the grooved ends conform to ANSI/AWWA C-606 rigid groove specifications, simplifying installation. It is installed quickly and easily with Victaulic Style 31 couplings, Style 307 transition couplings or in combination with Style 341 Vic-Flange adapters, ensuring bubble-tight sealing up to 175 psi as the plug cams into the seat. Bidirectional sealing to 25 psi is standard, and full bidirectional sealing to 175 psi is available. Self-lubricated stainless steel bearings with protective O-rings resist corrosion to prevent binding and prolong valve life. It has adjustable chevron packing, multiple types of manual operators and a variety of body and plug coatings to meet specific service requirements. It is available in 3- to 12-inch sizes. 610/559-3300;


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