Advancing Operational Efficiency and Providing a ‘Green Energy’ Boost in Wastewater Treatment

As the green component to the engineered infrastructure, BAE provides plant operators a low-cost organic biostimulant for existing microbes, increasing activity and populations to maximize operational efficiency by greatly improving the biology of their plant and environmental initiatives. 

This in turn has proven to be successful and financially beneficial in these five areas: food waste to energy, biogas production, solids handling, nitrogen removal and maintenance dosage/emergency use.

Maximizing the microbial workforce

BAE inhibits the negative impact of toxic elements and triggers a metabolic reaction among the existing microbial population, enabling it to perform its natural function more efficiently and effectively.

Prodex is the wastewater division of JSH international, offering an organic liquid formula called BAE (biological activity enhancer) for use in aerobic and anaerobic environments to improve operational efficiency and maximize renewable energy production.

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