Product Focus: August 2021

Product Focus: August 2021

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Aftermarket Parts/Service

Patterson davit crane

Patterson davit cranes are manufactured with a low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design. They are available in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities with key features such as a reliable brake with long life and readily available parts, a hot-dipped galvanized finish and no plastic sheaves or pulleys. 800-322-2018;

U.S. Submergent Technologies SediVision

SediVision is U.S. Submergent Technologies’ decision-making tool designed for wastewater tank conditions. It provides complete visibility under dark water in wastewater tanks, allowing operators to make informed decisions about how to restore capacity and where to direct cleaning resources. It can help wastewater professionals determine the size of the problem if loss of capacity is a concern; evaluate treatment efficiencies such as energy use, water quality and chemical use; establish tank cleaning, inspection, maintenance and repair schedules; plan capital and operational expenses, set priorities and maintenance activities; and reduce unnecessary cleaning activities when no material is present. 844-949-1032;

Belt Filter/Rotary Presses

Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products, 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press

The compact 0.6-meter skid-mounted belt filter press from Bright Technologies, Division of Sebright Products, has stainless steel frame and roller construction as well as radius wedge zone and wing roller for sludge dewatering. Components include a sludge pump, polymer system and washwater booster pump. Options include a sludge flowmeter, air compressor and discharge conveyors. The compact walk-around skid design can be utilized in as little as a 10-by-20-foot floor area. The Boerger rotary lobe sludge pump has a maintain-in-place design offering ease of maintenance. Cake solids of up to 35% can be achieved. Rates of 25 to 50 gpm make it ideal for small applications or when a processor has outgrown dewatering containers. 800-253-0532;

GKD filter belts

GKD filter belts made of synthetic fabric offer a suitable solution for the dewatering and drying of every type of biosolid. The filter belts for dewatering and drying sludge are precisely customized to an application due to individually matched fabric specification. Filter belts can withstand the highest mechanical stresses, are temperature-resistant and possess suitable fabric flexibility making the optimized conveyor belts suited for belt presses and dryers. They have high dimensional and form stability offering the necessary fabric flexibility, with no fraying of the synthetic mesh and additional protection of the seam against mechanical influences. They offer pH values of 1 to 14 and are usable at temperatures up to 356 degrees F. 800-453-8616;

Biosolids Handling/Hauling/Disposal/Application

BDP Industries rotary drum thickener

The rotary drum thickener from BDP Industries is a suitable solution to thicken at water and wastewater treatment facilities. Internally baffled thickening zones lead to higher solids capture and higher throughput capability, all with reduced polymer usage. A full stainless steel construction with all bearings located outside of the enclosure makes operations and maintenance activities simple and easy. 518-796-1440;

Paxxo Longopac Fill

The Longopac Fill continuous bag system from Paxxo can connect to the discharge point of machines used to move, dewater or compact screenings, grit and biosolids. Material is then deposited in a 90-meter-long continuous bag for odor containment and spillage control. The cassette bag can be sealed with ease, and the material and odors are trapped inside, cutting down development of bacteria and fungus spores. 770-502-0055;

Biosolids Heaters/Dryers/Thickeners

Hurst Boiler Euro Series

The Euro Series from Hurst Boiler has a full wet-back radiant heat transfer area that promotes internal water circulation and rapid heat absorption. Separate rear tube sheets allow each pass of tubes to expand and contract at their own rate without tube-to-sheet stress. Tubes are mechanically rolled, flared and beaded, making any tube service a simple matter. The only refractory in this design is a rear plug, which allows easy access to the furnace for inspection. It is available in eight models from 100 to 2,000 bhp. It is designed for optimum fuel efficiency and has proven in certified tests to meet, and often exceed, the efficiencies of four-pass boilers. There are no refractory baffles to replace or maintain. 229-346-3545;

Hydro-Thermal Non-Obstructing Heater

Hydro-Thermal’s Non-Obstructing Heater is suitable for heating and maintaining the digester’s sludge temperature for breakdown. It utilizes a small footprint, with direct installation into the existing system piping. Precise temperature control will increase biological activity, maintain a tight temperature band, and eliminate hot or cold spots in the digester, even during winter months. It is produced using wear and corrosion-resistant metallurgies to withstand grit and highly abrasive materials. The straight-through design helps minimize downtime caused by wipes or rags collecting and plugging the heater. If material gathers and plugs other heating devices (like a heat exchanger), then these units must be opened up and manually cleaned to remove the solids plugging the system. They have no hot surfaces where burn-on can begin to occur, like in a tube/shell or tube/tube heat exchanger. 800-952-0121;

JDV Equipment Sludge Heater and Exchanger System

The Sludge Heater and Exchanger System from JDV Equipment ensures optimal thermal efficiency for anaerobic digestion. The counter-flow tube-in-tube Ralph B. Carter design promotes high efficiency heat transfer with minimal fouling to recirculated sludge. The integrated three-way blending valve maintains a uniform inlet water temperature for increased digester operational efficiency. Each system is manufactured to ASME standards. 973-366-6556;

Pieralisi North America sludge thermal dryer

The sludge thermal dryer from Pieralisi North America is totally automated and easy to operate. It reduces sludge volume by 75%, producing Class A biosolids. It is self-sustainable with biogas as fuel from biodigesters or energy from waste gas turbines. It uses AISI 316L stainless steel for all contact parts, needs only a small area for installation and has low maintenance cost. Its operation uses negative pressure throughout the system, avoiding gas emissions, dust and odor. The dried sludge has a spherical shape of 0.5-inch average diameter. 513-275-4720;

Chemical/Polymer Feeding Equipment

Blue-White Industries FLEXFLO

FLEXFLO municipal peristaltic dosing pumps from Blue-White Industries are offered in three model sizes to accommodate a broad range of chemical feed requirements. They are engineered to be rugged and efficient with two CNC-machined rollers and two alignment rollers for optimum squeeze and tube life. The single-piece heavy-duty rotor means no flexing and increased accuracy, with no metal springs or hinges to corrode. The pump head cover is clear acrylic annealed for added strength and chemical resistance. No special tools are required for pump head cover removal during routine maintenance. They may be equipped with heavy-duty pump head tubing — Flex-A-Prene — available in multiple sizes and materials to meet a broad range of chemical compatibility requirements. 714-893-8529;

Force Flow Tote Bin Scale

The Tote Bin Scale from Force Flow allows plant operators to accurately monitor the amount of polymer being fed from IBC-type totes for dewatering. Simply place the tote on the platform and monitoring begins, as there is nothing to install inside the tote. Monitoring systems prevent costly overfeed conditions and enable the documentation of the actual amount fed, which keeps the plant in compliance with federal and state reporting requirements. Users can remotely monitor from SCADA or PLC. The unit is available with the SOLO G2 digital display or with the advanced Wizard 4000 chemical inventory management system. 800-893-6723;

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron Series HV

The Pulsatron Series HV from Pulsafeeder is designed for high-viscosity applications for precise and accurate metering control. It offers manual control over stroke length and stroke rate, with the option to choose between 4-20mA and external pace inputs for automatic control. Models are available with pressure capabilities to 150 psi at 12 gpd, and flow capacities to 240 gpd at 80 psi, with a turndown ratio of 100-1. It comes with a reliable timing circuit, circuit protection against voltage and current upsets, panel-mounted fuse, solenoid protection by thermal overload with auto-reset, water resistance for outdoor and indoor applications, and guided ball check valve systems to reduce backflow and enhance priming characteristics. 800-333-6677;


Drylet Bio React AD

Harnessing the power of microbiology, Drylet’s Bio React AD biocatalyst enhances the degradation of undigested solid waste in digesters (hydrolysis). Outcomes are reduced biosolids and up to 30% increased biogas generation. The biocatalyst is comprised of an engineered inorganic and porous particle embedded with carefully selected beneficial microbes. The process embeds the microbes inside the media where they are protected, allowed to thrive, and can quickly replicate to effectively integrate into microbial ecosystems. In the process, they accelerate mass-to-gas conversion, improving biogas generation while the gas composition remains unchanged. The biocatalyst shows consistent results of 500 to 1,000 pounds of additional solids reduction and between 7.5 and 15 kSCF (1,000 standard cubic feet) of incremental biogas generated per pound of product. It is easily incorporated into a facility’s routine operations with zero capital expenses required. 346-980-9575;

Prodex, A Div. of JSH International BAE

BAE (Biological Activity Enhancer) from Prodex, A Div. of JSH international, is an organic liquid formula for use in aerobic and anaerobic environments to improve operational efficiency and maximize renewable energy production. As the green component to the engineered infrastructure, it provides plants with a low-cost biostimulant for existing microbes, increasing activity and populations to give the plant the best biology possible. It can be used by wastewater treatment plants to boost biogas production, convert food waste to energy, help remove nitrogen, in maintenance dosage/emergency use, to reduce operational costs such as hauling, chemicals and energy, enhance plant operational efficiency and stability, improve solids handling and sludge settling, and accelerate recovery after plant upsets. By maximizing the Microbial Workforce, it helps the industry work toward cleaner water resources and a greener energy supply. 856-234-4540;

Composting Equipment

Roto-Mix 1220-20 

The Roto-Mix 1220-20 horizontal rotary compost mixer has a mixing capacity of 1,220 cubic feet and can hold a maximum load of up to 36,000 pounds. It is designed to thoroughly mix materials to ensure rapid decomposition to produce quality compost. This rotary compost mixer, equipped with a GeneRation II Staggered Rotor Mixer, will uniformly blend materials in a tumbling action that does not pack material and helps introduce air into the mix. The rotor lifts the material past the wedging point of the lower side auger, resulting in an aerated mixture while lowering power requirements. Total movement of material in the mixing chamber eliminates dead spots that are common in conventional auger mixers. Optional conveyors allow for the discharge and distribution of mixed nutrients with microorganisms into static compost piles or windrows. It is available in truck or stationary units. This size of mixer works well with large volume composting operations. 620-225-1142;

Dewatering Equipment

AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems ADS

The ADS 30-yard open-top roll-off dewatering unit from AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems can be filled with 22,000 to 25,000 gallons of biosolids at 1% to 2% solids in about two hours. After draining for 24 hours, the unit can be picked up using a standard-capacity roll-off truck and transported for solids disposal. Sludge volume can be reduced by 80% with reductions to 98% in BOD, COD, FOG and TSS. Effluent is clear, the unit has few moving parts, and the size of filter media can be selected according to job requirements. Standard equipment includes a roll-over tarp system; side, floor and center screens; 1/4-inch floor plate; 7-gauge side plates; four door-binder ratchets; eight drain ports; two inlet ports; and a long-handle scraper. Units are also available in a 15-yard size. 979-245-5656;

In the Round Dewatering horizontal drum

The horizontal biosolids dewatering system from In the Round Dewatering has a stainless steel drum with perforated plastic tile lining. The drum is mounted on a roll-off frame for easy transport and unloading. Water trays allow containment of discharge water. An 18,000- to 25,000-gallon batch is mixed with polymer before being filtered in the rotating drum, which is driven by a 1/2 hp variable-speed electric motor with a heavy-duty chain and sprocket. The turning eliminates crusting and wet pockets to produce uniform, consistent results. The dewatered material dumps easily, and the drum is self-cleaning. 317-563-2072;

Lutz-JESCO America LJ-PolyBlend Polymer System

The LJ-PolyBlend Polymer System from Lutz-JESCO America is a dependable, motorized mixing machine with a corrosion-resistant housing, large turbine and multizone mixing chamber that provides uniform dispersion energy at the moment of initial polymer wetting. The primary mixing zone fully activates the polymer, while the second mixing zone promotes gentle polymer activation via a small turbine, lessening molecule fracturing. Its stainless steel injection valve prevents agglomerations and reduces the need for extended mixing time. The system includes a clear mixing chamber that provides visual monitoring of mixing polymer feed. Its compact design — only 1 to 1.5 square feet — means it’s light and allows for easy installation and transportation. It has automatic pump speed adjustment via 4-20mA input, water flow sensor and priming port. 800-554-2762;

Park Process Sludge King II

The Sludge King II roll-off dewatering container from Park Process uses filters that turn 90 degrees at the bottom of the container, leaving no standing water in the cake. This also increases the usable area of the filters by 33% over older containers with only one center filter wall. The increased filter surface area and the narrowed sludge compartments formed by the additional filter panel translate into drier cake formed in less time. 855-511-7275;


Hydra-Tech Pumps S3SHR

The S3SHR 3-inch hydraulic-drive submersible shredder pump from Hydra-Tech Pumps continuously rips and shears solids with 360-degree shredding action. It uses an open-vane shredder impeller with tungsten carbide cutting tip. Compact size allows it to fit in tight spaces. A guide rail assembly is available for stationary applications. Combined with HT11 to HT20 power units, it handles flows up to 450 gpm. The safe and variable-speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. 570-645-3779;

JWC Environmental Monster Metal 

Wastewater is tough on grinders. Gritty material wears the cutters and acidic conditions corrode them. Previously, operators needed to choose hard steel alloy cutters and sacrifice corrosion resistance; or choose softer corrosion-resistant stainless steel cutters and sacrifice abrasion resistance. Monster Metal from JWC Environmental is a hard, corrosion-resistant alloy. It is made with a balance of carbon for strength and chromium for corrosion resistance to increase the usable life of grinder cutters. 800-331-2277;

Vaughan self-priming Chopper Pump

Self-priming Chopper Pumps from Vaughan are designed to be easily accessed outside of the wet well while pumping waste solids at heavy consistencies, without plugging or dewatering of the solids. They eliminate the loss in production and mess, along with making it easy to service the pump to get it back in operation. 888-249-2467;

Vogelsang RotaCut

The RotaCut inline macerator from Vogelsang is designed to remove heavy solids from the waste steam while using a spinning blade assembly to reduce debris such rags, wipes, hair, string, plastics, wood and bone into an acceptable size for the downstream equipment to pass. Instead of shredding hard objects such as metal or stone, the units catch heavy debris in a collection pot for removal from the line. Not only will these units protect pumps and dewatering equipment, they also are ideal for biosolids conditioning based on the blades’ ability to create a homogenized slurry. It comes in numerous models designed for a range of flow rates and pressures. They offer an auto-cut control design, auto-reverse, self-sharpening blades and easy inline maintenance. 330-296-3820;

Grit Handling/Removal/Hauling

Smith & Loveless PISTA Stainless Steel Grit Chamber

The PISTA Stainless Steel Grit Chamber from Smith & Loveless is designed to offer reliable and long-lasting grit removal performance that is easy to install and can be inserted into existing tankage without the need for new concrete work, including for retrofitting aerated grit chambers. It is constructed of high-quality 316 stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and designed to provide 50 years of paint, rust and maintenance-free service. The prefabricated system is significantly easier and more cost-effective to install for most sites than typical concrete chambers. Contracting costs are reduced or eliminated altogether, while system downtime and bypass pumping or dewatering needs are reduced. Because it is built exactly to specification, each system is guaranteed to perform exactly as designed and contractor issues are eliminated. Internals are similarly constructed of 316 S.S., including the flow control baffle that provides 95% grit removal down to 100 microns. 800-898-9122;

Septage Receiving Station

ScreencO Systems Trash Master 400 Auto Screen

The Trash Master 400 Auto Screen from ScreencO Systems uses gravity to separate the trash from the flow stream through a 4-inch inlet with a fan spreader to power-offload vacuum trucks. It has an aluminum hopper with a 6-inch outlet cam and 3/8-inch gapped 1/4-inch bar screen that meets U.S. EPA 503 regulations. A stainless steel U-channel with plastic-lined titanium UHMW provides for years of wear, with a high-strength alloy steel 8 1/2-inch shaftless screw that moves trash to a waste container. The stainless steel U-channel has slotted drain holes and a center channel bar screen for cleaner and dryer trash. A custom-built stainless steel bar rake is included for easy maintenance. A front spray bar with a 1 gpm nozzle keeps the unit clean and free of buildup. A 2 hp NORD gear reduction drive with Lenze variable-frequency drive control accomplishes a variable-speed screw from 6 to 30 rpms. 208-790-8770;

Screening Systems

Duperon FlexRake IQ 

The Duperon FlexRake IQ platform provides real-time smart screening for maximum resilience at the headworks. It tackles high peaking factors due to extreme weather and difficult debris like flushable wipes, first flushes and settled solids. This is accomplished by system improvements and a sequence of operations that automatically responds in real time to optimize the screen field. The reimagined design focuses on smart enhancements to the raking device to manage heavy solids loading events with four times increased debris removal capacity, improved grit and rock handling and greater solids capture. During peak flow conditions, it adjusts the bar screen opening itself to provide additional hydraulic capacity and safety factor, matching the best capture rate to the flow volume in real time. 800-383-8479;

Federal Screen MBBR System Screens

MBBR System Screens from Federal Screen are used as a secondary treatment for a variety of municipal and industrial applications. They are designed to maximize flow rates as well as to prevent biofilm carriers from escaping in wastewater treatment applications. Manufactured with high-quality stainless wedge wire, using wastewater screens reduces environmental pollution levels and lowers operational costs over the years. They are fabricated with strong and durable resistance welding and are available in a wide range of profile wire to suit most systems. They are robust for vertical wall applications and are self-cleaning when designed to the flow rate. Screens are available in a flat, curved or cylindrical form, and are manufactured to meet specifications. 905-677-4171;

SAVECO/Enviro-Care FSM MultiAngle 

The FSM MultiAngle screen from SAVECO/Enviro-Care can increase channel flow capacity by 92% by presenting a 30-degree angle to the incoming flow which transitions to a 75-degree extraction angle. This doubles the wetted screen area while reducing velocity through the screen. By adding the high flow perforated plate panel, the hydraulic losses are reduced by an additional 20%. Its fabrication process maximizes the free surface by producing the smallest opening widths possible. They achieve 85% verified capture and are equipped with the auto-brush feature that maintains perfect alignment to the filter panel without operator adjustments, guaranteeing 85% capture for the life of the brush. 815-636-8306;   


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