Acrison Cites Advantages of Dissimilar-Speed Conditioning Augers

Feeding dry chemicals, such as hydrated lime, activated carbon and dry polymer (among others) is a necessity in many plants, and feeding them consistently and accurately can often present a challenge.

Many commercially available feeders utilize a conditioning auger in an attempt to overcome the most common issues, but most are operated at the same speed as the metering auger, requiring it to be only slightly larger in diameter, severely limiting its effectiveness.

Conditioning augers that are mechanically geared to operate at a much slower speed than the metering auger are able to span the full diameter of the feed chamber, resulting in numerous benefits.

Key advantages include conditioning all material to a consistent bulk density; properly filling the metering auger from a full 360 degrees; and increased accuracy. Acrison offers a wide variety of feeder designs that employ this dissimilar speed auger technology to handle even the toughest applications.

Acrison Inc. is a leading supplier of dry chemical feeding/dissolving equipment and polymer blending equipment. The company offers a full range of equipment for meeting the needs of plants of all sizes.



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