Water & Wastewater Product News — November 2016

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Water & Wastewater Product News — November 2016
The Round Super-Tall HD Building from ClearSpan Fabric Structures.

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ClearSpan Fabric Structures extra-tall building

The Round Super-Tall HD Building from ClearSpan Fabric Structures provides a structural solution for those in need of extra clearance where equipment and machinery needs to be operated within the structure. It comes in three sizes that can be customized to meet any building requirements. The 25-foot, 8-inch tall building is 43 feet wide, the 30-foot, 11-inch tall building is 52 feet wide and the 34-foot, 2-inch tall building is 62 feet wide. Each size can be built as a freestanding structure or on pony walls.

Greener Planet Systems bioaugmentation product series

The GPS PrO2 and the BioPro bioaugmentation product series from Greener Planet Systems helps deliver fully dissolved, super-saturated oxygen, eliminating off-gassing and elevating contact time with the waterbody to intensify microbial consumption of organic waste. BioPro Ammo combined with the PrO2 increases the effectiveness of ammonia treatment. BioPro FRZ not only remains fully active in temperatures down to 34 degrees F, but also allows for below-ice treatment of wastewater in the colder months.

Flomatic submersible pump check valve

Flomatic Corporation’s 1- and 1 1/4-inch Model 80DI VFD submersible pump check valves are for use with variable-frequency drive control submersible pumps. They are designed to minimize flow losses and hydraulic shocks in the pumping system. They have a standard epoxy coating (NSF-approved powder) ductile iron body to support deep-set pumps. A stainless steel guided poppet system ensures that the valve automatically adjusts noiselessly from high to very low flow rates. The radiuses of the valve seat allow a self-cleaning one-point swiping action by the radius-edged custom-molded rubber seal disc. All internal parts are made from corrosion-resistant materials and have a high-strength durable design.

Grundfos Pumps wastewater pumps expand range

Grundfos Pumps is extending its SL and SE range of wastewater pumps to include medium, high and super-high hydraulic offerings from 12 to 42 hp. Designed to handle raw, unscreened sewage, effluent and large volumes of surface and process water, the extended selection ensures high pump efficiencies over a wide range of demand and a large free passage of solids at low vibrations. The extended range enables free passage of solids up to 5 inches, which is ideal for large flows of raw sewage. Intelligent and self-adaptive controls allow the pump to adjust to changing operating conditions, while high-efficiency motors meet or exceed global standards.

Endress+Hauser pressure transducers

Cerabar PMP11, 21 and 23 pressure transducers from Endress+Hauser measure up to 6,000 psi and are factory spanable to specific application requirements. They are available with threaded or welded hygienic process connections; meet a variety of industry standards including FDA, FM, IEC and Ex; and provide 4-20 mA or 0 to 10 volt output signals. PMP11 and PMP21 measure pressures from -15 to 6,000 psi at temperatures from -40 to 212 degrees F with accuracy of 0.5 and 0.3 percent, respectively. PMP23 pressure transducers measure pressures from -15 to 600 psi at temperatures from 14 to 212 degrees F with accuracy of 0.3 percent. It can be used in CIP and SIP applications at temperatures up to 275 degrees F for a maximum of one hour.

Fluid Components International thermal mass flowmeters

Process and plant engineers with operations or sub-systems that require, SIL safety, IEC 61508, compliance can now look to ST51A and ST75A thermal mass flowmeters from Fluid Components International as a solution for air/gas flow measurement. The Model ST51A is an insertion-style instrument designed for use in pipe diameters larger than 2 inches. It is optimized for flow measurement of air, compressed air, nitrogen, natural gas, digester gas and all other biogases. The ST75A is an inline-style instrument designed for use in pipe diameters from 0.25 to 2 inches. It is designed for applications in air, all inert gases, natural gas and other hydrocarbon gases.

Acrison launches new website

Acrison has launched a new website featuring a responsive design that provides ease of use and viewing on desktop computers and a variety of mobile devices. The site has a fresh look and simple navigation designed to allow users to access product and related services information with a few simple clicks. Available tabs across the top of the homepage provide information about the company, its facilities, product lines, markets served, downloadable product literature and a glossary of terms, current company news, and a contact section that contains a worldwide sales rep locator, forms for process application, lab demo, training class, parts or services, quick inquiry requests, and directions to Acrison. The site also incorporates the use of video to illustrate the operation of various metering mechanisms with various materials. Index search capability enables the indexing and storing of all the content from the website to optimize both speed and accuracy in finding documents when initiating a search query.

Endress+Hauser conductivity sensor

The Memosens CLS82D conductivity sensor from Endress+Hauser measures conductivity from 1 µS/cm to 500 mS/cm and temperature from 23 to 248 degrees F with accuracy less than or equal to 4 percent and repeatability of 0.2 percent. It has 316L stainless steel construction, electropolished surfaces that are easy to clean, hygienic process connections and IP68 protection, and it can be sterilized in place for clean-in-place operations. It is certified for EHEDG, FDA, 3-A and pharmaceutical applications. Typical applications include phase separations, chromatography, fermentation, CIP, monitoring and ultrafiltration.

Blue-White polymer pump

The FLEXFLO A-100N polymer pump from Blue-White handles high-viscosity polymers. It is equipped with a built-in Tube Failure Detection system that, if it senses tube failure, will automatically shut off and energize a relay or switch, permitting communication with external equipment such as a back-up pump or alarm. This eliminates polymer spills and cleanup. No false triggering is caused by condensation and wash-down procedures. It is self-priming, and tube assemblies are stamped with clearly visible part numbers for simple reorder. It offers precise chemical feed to 124 gph, and a max working pressure of 100 psi.

KAESER Compressors screw blowers

DBS screw blowers from Kaeser Compressors are available with motor sizes from 20 to 50 hp and flows from 150 to 770 cfm. They include high-efficiency motors, silencers, inlet filters, starters/drive, a full enclosure, an onboard controller, and a full complement of sensors. They are designed, built and tested to meet international and domestic performance and safety standards and are available in both STC (wye-delta start) and SFC (variable frequency drive) versions. Models come standard with Sigma Control 2 that monitors all onboard sensors and enables remote monitoring and email notifications for service and alarms. Optional industrial communication interfaces such as ModBus, Profibus, Profinet, and Devicenet are available.

Carus potassium permanganate tablets

Cairox CR Potassium Permanganate tablets from Carus are designed to treat hydrogen sulfide odors in municipal wastewater when the use of feed equipment is not practical. They can be easily deployed in polyester mesh bags in remote site, lift stations and manhole applications. Controlled release technology allows the tablets to begin reacting with hydrogen sulfide and other odor-producing compounds in seconds. Tablets are passive, prevent sulfide-based corrosion and eliminate the heath risks associated with hydrogen sulfide exposure.


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