Most operators realize that submersible mixers can be their best friend or worst enemy. It’s important to do the homework and choose the right one. If an operator thinks “a mixer is a mixer,” they may be overlooking some significant money-saving technologies on the market, and could have some headaches in store.

Like any major purchase, the upfront cost of a submersible mixer isn’t the only factor to take into account. Operators must evaluate the entire mixer design to find its operating cost and service life. Here are a few cost considerations to take into account.

Propeller Design

Make sure propellers can withstand unbalanced forces due to asymmetrical inflow and variations in density of the medium. Will the propellers withstand impact and not become distorted? Does the blade design have sharp leading edges, or does it require an anti-vortex shroud or flow ring? Those can make it susceptible to ragging, which requires more maintenance.

Penetration Points

Take a look at the number of seals protecting the chambers and motor, and ask the vendor how often they must be replaced. Are the cables protected and sealed? How accessible are the oil drain plugs?

Durability and Longevity

See that the mixer body is made of a noncorrosive material and, if not, insist on a protective coating. Take note of the coating material and how many layers there are. Find out the overhang of the driveshaft — the distance between bearing and propeller — and find out the hardness of the steel.

Energy Efficiency

Learn the differences between direct-drive, helical-gear and planetary-gear mixers, and note whether they’re one stage or two. What is the power requirement? What is the efficiency of the motor? What is the energy cost per year?

With all of those costs to consider, the final decision can make all the difference. Make sure to choose a reliable vendor that will stand behind its products with a warranty that makes you comfortable.

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