Product Spotlight - August 2019

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Up to 40 channels for treatment monitoring makes the Express II autodialer system monitor from Sensaphone a one-track solution for facilities with varying automatic processes, including large water treatment facilities.

“It expands on Sensaphone’s line of traditional autodialers where customers need to monitor many more points than previous devices had allowed,” says Rob Fusco, director of Business Development for Sensaphone. “The Express II lets those customers save money by purchasing one device instead of potentially four or five.”

Not only does it allow a greater range of monitoring than typical systems, it also has the capacity to notify up to 48 employees with custom phone calls.

“The Express II system allows users to remotely monitor for changes in environmental conditions and equipment performance around the clock,” Fusco says. “When the system detects that a sensor reading has moved out of the preset range, it immediately sends alerts, allowing personnel to quickly address the situation.”

The Express II is designed to integrate easily with existing system components such as floats, pump alarm outputs and level transducers, and it is optimized for a number of applications beyond water and wastewater, including commercial greenhouse operations, livestock facilities, oil and natural gas facilities, and HVAC applications.

“Water facility operators use the Express II system to monitor the status of pumps, tank levels, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, ventilation, carbon dioxide and power failure,” Fusco says.

The system is resilient, housed in a NEMA-4X enclosure, with an internal rechargeable battery backup, allowing 12 hours of continuous monitoring even during power outages.

“It is protected from dust, dirt and moisture both indoors and out. It is simple to increase monitoring capability with easy-to-install expansion input and output cards,” Fusco says. “The LCD shows continuous input status and assists with keypad programming for simple and easy setup. It has a temperature sensing range of 85 degrees below zero to 300 degrees F.”

Following UL and CSA standards, it includes remote access features and a small physical profile at 14.5 by 13 by 8.3 inches and 18 pounds.

“The Sensaphone Express II Monitoring System is an easy-to-configure, cost-effective solution for large water and wastewater facilities that require many monitoring points or operations that are planning future growth,” Fusco says. 855-807-1887;


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