Turbidimeter puts power in the hands of operator’s smartphone

Turbidimeter puts power in the hands of operator’s smartphone
PTV 1000 process turbidimeter from Lovibond Tintometer

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Turbidity is the key measurement parameter for determining drinking water quality. That’s why an accurate and user-friendly turbidimeter can make life easier for water quality technicians.

The PTV 1000 process turbidimeter from Lovibond Tintometer replaces a traditional controller with a mobile device app, allowing quick and easy data viewing, calculation of statistics, access to operator instructions and useful tips. A maximum of three clicks on a mobile device will take the user anywhere they need to be. The sensors also have a touch-screen display that allows users to set testing parameters and to perform all major operations.

“The sensor can also be configured to have a Bluetooth interface, which allows for bidirectional communication between the PTV sensor and the AquaLXP app,” says Mike Sadar, research and development manager for Lovibond Tintometer. “The app is a secondary interface, but it gives operators the ability to not only control every aspect of the sensor, but quick and easy access to view data, calculate statistics, access to animated instructions and other useful tips.”

The unit is optimized for drinking water applications with low range accuracy below 1 NTU. It has a long-lasting LED light source and bubble exclusion system, which deliver accurate and ultra-stable measurements. Combined with the heated optical assembly, condensation and fogging is eliminated, with no desiccants needed. The body can be easily drained for cleanings and calibration with quick-connect fixtures. Collecting a grab sample for verification is easy, too, with no need to disconnect tubing. The low-volume flow body provides fast response to turbidity spikes. The optimal flow rate is 50 to 80 mL per minute, which, over the lifetime of the instrument, translates to over 1 million gallons of water saved.

“We kept the scope of the application narrow because we really wanted to focus on giving operators a solution that addressed every aspect of their daily measurement and control needs,” says Sadar. “This is the first process product from our company, and it will serve as the foundation for other parameters to follow.”

The secure system reduces complexity, allowing users to interact with an unlimited number of turbidimeters using a single mobile device app. This approach eliminates the need for dedicated controllers for each instrument and allows for maximum flexibility. “All along the development process, we worked closely with customers to make sure the entire product design would provide them with accurate, reliable and responsive measurements that are essential in optimization of their filtration processes,” says Sadar. 800/922-5242; www.lovibond.us


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