Versatile pump series added to Xylem’s rental offerings

Versatile pump series added to Xylem’s rental offerings
Flygt 3000 Series

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Flygt 3000 Series electric submersible pumps are now offered as a rental option, making them ideal for temporary bypass pumping projects at treatment plants and lift stations.

“Having rentals available makes them the perfect fit when work is being done on a treatment plant or lift station, or when a system is being upgraded,” says Stan Rockovich, Xylem’s submersible distribution manager. “The series is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.”

The Flygt 3000 Series of small and midsized pumps covers an extensive performance range and are classified as low-, medium- or high-head pumps. They are nonclog pumps, ideal for handling solids-bearing liquids in a variety of applications. The vast horsepower range enables the customer to meet the requirements of virtually any application.

“Flygt 3000 Series 240 hp pumps were recently used in a Philadelphia treatment plant to keep the flow intact while the screw pumps were being replaced,” says Rockovich. “They are available in a horsepower range from 2 to 470 hp, up to 16,000 gpm, with heads up to 400 feet.”

For municipalities that need to engage in lift station repairs or plant upgrades, Flygt 3000 Series submersible pumps are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly rental alternative that provides a quiet, efficient and easy-to-install bypass solution for many applications. They are available from rental locations around the U.S., along with hoses, HDPE piping, generators, as well as high-tech monitoring and control systems. The pumps’ N-technology impeller adds durability, making maintenance easy. It is designed to handle the stringy material that is prevalent in today’s influent streams.

“The pumps have a robust hard iron impeller that is self-cleaning, so there are no clogs or buildup,” says Rockovich. “It is corrosion and abrasion resistant, and offers a long life span, including several years of continuous use.”

Rockovich says that adding the versatile pump series to the company’s rental fleet makes sense on several levels. The durable units can be utilized during construction or upgrade work, are easy to maintain, have a small footprint, and are energy-efficient — a perfect temporary solution.

“The great thing is the small footprint allows the user to design his own bypass system,” he says. “Especially in areas that are tight on space, it makes a lot of sense.”



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