Energy Management

Recycling system

Anue Environmental Inc. offers the EP-1320 System, which recycles a small fraction of discharged wastewater back into the pump station, resulting in surface agitation for breakup of FOG and biofilm buildup. The unit also increases dissolved oxygen levels up to 800 percent while solids are homogenized. These actions optimize in-well conditions, promoting pretreatment solids breakdown. The system recycles wastewater and requires no external power or water source to enable operation. 800/559-7159;

Efficient sludge heating

ProSonix offers the PSX Sludge Heater for biogas production in anaerobic digesters. With no hot surfaces on the sludge heater, the system eliminates plugging and fouling from burn and scorch buildup. The inline sludge and slurry flow is designed for high solids and large particulates.

The angled steam diffuser, with single-point entry into the heater, allows for clearance and has no hang-up points for fibrous materials. A low-liquid pressure drop across the heater, typically 1 to 2 psig, reduces energy demand. The steam injector’s diffuser design produces 360-degree delivery of steam into the sludge for more uniform heating. 800/849-1130;

Out with waste heat

Compact Cabinet Coolers from Noren Products Inc. remove waste heat from sealed electrical panels and enclosures using Noren heat pipe technology. The design dissipates heat from sensitive electronic components without exposing them to the harsh, dirty environment outside the cabinet.

With all the models, there is no exchange of air from inside to outside, thus keeping contaminants out and keeping the inside cool, dry and clean. Among the versions are drop in air-to-air, flush mount, air-to-water, and internal flush mount. 866/936-6736;

Nutrient removal

The AquaPASS Phased Activated Sludge System from Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. uses time-based process management in a continuous-flow regime. The system provides aggressive reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus in a compact solution with minimal operation and maintenance costs.

The flexible tank design and equipment options support a wide range of tank geometries, depths and footprint limitations. This allows easy retrofitting of oxidation ditches or other activated sludge processes. A flexible nitrogen control system reduces sludge recycling pump requirements. Phase Separator technology optimizes anaerobic treatment for advanced phosphorus removal and reduces waste acti-vated sludge (WAS) volume by 20 to 50 percent. 815/654-2501;

Energy-saving fixtures

The SAF Series Fixture from AZZ/Rig-A-Lite is available with ceiling, pendant, wall, stanchion and cone-top mounting. There are also various combinations of globes, guards, refractors, reflectors and other options. The fixtures are used in wastewater treatment plants and other areas where hazardous location, heavy hose-down or wet or damp location require corrosion resistant or restricted-breathing fixtures.

The product is available with metal halide, high-pressure sodium and compact fluorescent lamping options, various photometric options and a range of wattage and voltage options. Emergency battery backup is available. 713/943-0340;


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