Body Parts Found at Two Facilities Could Be Linked

Do human remains found at connected facilities belong to one body?

A human torso found at a wastewater treatment facility in Whittier, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles, may be able to crack more than one case. Investigators are trying to determine if the torso belongs to other body parts (pelvis and legs) found at a facility over the weekend located 30 miles away. 

According to an article on the Los Angeles Times website, the two plants are interconnected. Both facilities are operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. The San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant in Whittier handles 62 mgd and the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant in Carson, Calif., where the other body parts were found processes 285 mgd. 

Don Avila, a spokesman for the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, said in the article that sewage pipes as large as 12 feet in diameter connect seven facilities across the region. Officials believe this is how the remains entered both facilities, probably after being dumped into a manhole. 

“The pelvis and legs (at the Carson facility) were recovered from a bin that separates solid materials and debris from liquid,” said the article. 

Detectives have not identified the body, but they have classified this as a homicide. An ongoing investigation will determine if the body parts found at the Carson facility belong to the torso found in Whittier. 

Human remains in wastewater treatment facilities are definitely not the norm, but it seems like the bizarre discoveries have increased over the last few years. What would your facility do if body parts were uncovered?,0,4481757.story#axzz2j6wJgKrq


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