Peristaltic Metering Assists with Arsenic Removal in Wells

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Peristaltic Metering Assists with Arsenic Removal in Wells

Problem: A mid-size city located in the Sierra Mountain Range of northeastern California, sources its water from both wells and a local lake. Arsenic is present in the well water so the town’s Water District developed one surface water and two groundwater treatment stations to combat the arsenic issue and purify the drinking water. 

Sodium hypochlorite and ferric chloride are used in the multistep arsenic removal process.  Initially, the well stations utilized solenoid-type pumps but found that the off-gassing nature of the sodium hypochlorite created vapor lock in the pumps.

Solution: The Water District installed ProSeries-M M-3 peristaltic metering pumps to assist in the treatment of water and the removal of arsenic.

Result: The peristaltic design of the ProSeries-M M-3 allowed the excess gas accumulation to be pumped through the tubing, while also maintaining smooth, accurate and constant flow rate with no potential for vapor lock. The ProSeries-M M-3 is capable of feed rates to 33.3 gph, with a 10,000-1 turndown ratio. Maximum pressure rating is 125 psi.  

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