Oostburg Sees Long-Term Value in Rotamat RoK4 Vertical Fine Screen

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Oostburg Sees Long-Term Value in Rotamat RoK4 Vertical Fine Screen

Oostburg Wastewater Treatment Plant found Huber’s RoK4 Vertical Fine Screen when seeking out a new headworks screening solution. The WWTP’s engineers were elated with their find because they had doubted that a solution existed that could meet their requirements and limitations.

Oostburg’s WWTP is a lean operation with limitations in space for screening technology and in the staff resources available to manage, maintain and report on the village’s processes. Because of these limitations and needs, the new fine screen solution must:

  • Improve screening potential
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Operate in confined space
  • Eliminate hands-on management

Even though space was limited, Oostburg knew that putting a headworks screening solution in place would improve their operational efficiency. The WWTP also wanted to upgrade their technology from the aging and costly chopper-style comminutor in use at the time. 

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