Metering Pump Upgrade Saves Water District Valuable Time

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Metering Pump Upgrade Saves Water District Valuable Time

Application: West Valley Water District serves approximately 80,000 customers in the communities of Bloomington, Colton, Fontana, Rialto, parts of unincorporated areas in San Bernardino, and Jurupa Valley in Riverside County, California. West Valley treats water from groundwater wells (46 percent), surface water (30 percent), and the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (24 percent). Blue-White’s MD-3 hybrid metering pumps were installed in well site 54 and well site 4 in Rialto, California.


Problem: West Valley initially used a single diaphragm pump to inject 12.5 percent sodium hypochlorite to treat drinking water at well sites 54 and 4. The pump at well site 54 runs at 34 mL per minute with a pressure of 86 psi. The pump at well site 4 runs at 84 mL per minute with a pressure of 78 psi. The diaphragm pumps that were originally used consisted of a suction and discharge phase. During the suction phase, gaseous chemicals like sodium hypochlorite can cause vapor lock and the pump loses prime. When the pumps lose prime, the operators must travel to the well site and manually relieve the pressure with the pressure valve. “Someone would have to service the pumps one to two times per month because of the pumps losing prime,” says Tony Lopez, West Valley production operator.


Solution: West Valley Water District replaced the single-diaphragm pumps used at well sites 54 and 4 with Blue-White’s Proseries-M MD-3 double-diaphragm metering pumps. When the first diaphragm is in the suction phase, the second diaphragm is in the discharge phase. The dual diaphragm configuration helps the sodium hypochlorite to be pumped in a near continuous flow, preventing gas buildup and loss of prime. 


Result: Blue-White’s dual diaphragm pumps were installed on Oct. 27, 2016, and have not lost prime once. “The MD-3 pumps have not been serviced since they have been installed,” Lopez says. MD-3 Pumps have saved West Valley employees valuable time and energy.


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