Combined Processes Provide Reliable Septage Receiving in a Tough Environment

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Combined Processes Provide Reliable Septage Receiving in a Tough Environment

Problem: In 2010, Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (Florida) finished construction on its current plant as a FEMA grant rebuild due to Hurricane Ivan. However, when construction was complete, the utility no longer had a septage receiving facility, which presented a problem due to grease-trap ordinance as well as the need to provide a source for legal off-loading of septage.

Solution: ECUA had prior experience figuring out those needs with systems the utility had used at its old facility as well as a temporary solution used in its current facility. The staff knew they needed a reliable system that could handle tough and unusual septage containing rocks, grease and grit as well as unpredictable material. They selected Huber Technology to provide a complete solution using the RoFAS centerfeed drum combined with rock trap, screenings washpress and grit trap, provided as one integral unit with single source responsibility.

Result: The Huber Technology RoFAS system totally met ECUA’s expectations for reliable operation, handling anything that was brought into the system. The large-capacity automated facility let haulers quickly and efficiently off-load material and be on their way. ECUA is greatly pleased that they are providing an environmentally safe place for haulers to bring the septage. The Huber Technology RoFAS septage system has worked as advertised. Plant staff said, “It just did the job. … It is a tremendous piece of equipment.” 

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