Webinar: If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It... Expand It: ACTIFLO® Ballasted Flocculation at North Table Mountain WSD since 1998

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This webinar will walk you through the first installation of ACTIFLO in the United States and give you a first-hand account of why they chose to expand the process in lieu of adding a third train. In need of additional capacity, Veolia worked with North Table Mountain Water & Sanitation District to convert their existing trains to ACTIFLO Turbo. This conversion afforded the District an increase in production capacity from 11 MGD to 16 MGD, provided similar equipment that needed replacement, maintained operator familiarity with the process, and saved on construction and overall project costs.


Bart Sperry, District Manager/ Engineer, North Table Mountain Water & Sanitation District

Graduated from California State Polytechnical University - Pomona. District Manager/Engineer – North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District (2005-present). Instructor Red Rocks Community College, Water Quality Management Program.

Mark Pavlich, Operator, North Table Mountain Water & Sanitation District

Mark is a Class A Operator and who has been a project manager (representing the operators) for the Treatment Plant Rehabilitation project that the ACTIFLO turbo was recently installed. Graduated from Red Rocks Community College, Water Quality Management Program. Class A operator and Treatment Plant Project Manager - operator representative – North Table Mountain Water and Sanitation District (2016-present).

Reid Staton, Product Manager, Veolia Water Technologies

Reid Staton is the U.S. Product Manager for Veolia's ACTIFLO Ballasted Clarification System. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and has been with Veolia for over 20 years. Prior positions within Veolia include Mechanical and Process Engineer and Process Manager. He has extensive experience in process engineering and operation of physical/chemical separation and filtration processes for water and wastewater treatment. 


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