How BNR Was Incorporated Into Two Large Conventional Activated Sludge Systems Using IFAS

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The IFAS technology has increasingly been employed for incorporating BNR into large conventional activated sludge systems that are constrained by tankage or space availability. The incorporation of fixed film into activated sludge systems enables the resultant IFAS systems to significantly increase the total SRT of the system and achieve more or better treatment within a smaller existing or new footprint than CAS systems. The webinar will share the background, design details and challenges of two large IFAS BNR systems.


Larry Li

Product Manager, Veolia Water Technologies (d/b/a Kruger)

Larry Li is product manager with Veolia Water Technologies. He has about 20 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment related research, modeling, design and product development. He specializes in fixed film technologies such as AnoxKaldnes IFAS/MBBR, ANITA Mox Deammonification and BIOSTYR BAF. 

Luke Wood

Process Manager Veolia Water Technologies (d/b/a Kruger)

Luke Wood is a Process Manager at Veolia Water Technologies with more than 25 years of experience in the Industry. He has served as Process Lead on design and commissioning of wastewater projects ranging from 0.5 MGD to more than 100 MGD. His  technical experience includes biological nutrient removal, fixed film technologies, filtration, and ballasted flocculation.


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