See How the Grit King Works

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Grit King grit removal systems can remove 95% of all grit 75 micron and larger. This performance is achieved without any moving parts or electricity. Less than 1 foot of headloss at peak flow is all that is needed to run the separation system. As the internal components are submerged, it can be difficult to understand how the system can possibly do what it does so well. The system needs to be taken offline so infrequently even plants that have enjoyed years of Grit King total plant protection may not even fully understand just how it works.

The secret to Grit King performance is using structured flow and internal geometry to capitalize on the natural behavior of vortex flows. These forces allow the Grit King to operate completely hydraulically to realize unparalleled grit and organic separation without losing the fine grit particles that other grit removal technologies simply cannot capture. The lack of maintenance needed for intensive moving parts keeps the system continually operating much longer, significantly reducing downtime. Watch this new video to discover how these hydraulic forces work together inside the Grit King system to eliminate grit problems for wastewater treatment plants.

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