Hydro GritCleanse – Cleaner and Drier Grit Than Ever Before

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Paying to landfill water and organics attached to grit output from a grit removal system can significantly increase a plant’s operating costs. Water and organics increase weight and volume that needs to be hauled as well as the tipping fees at expensive landfills that can take this type of material. If you’ve got wastewater grit to dispose of, you’ve already got an entire wastewater treatment plant that is specifically designed to process water and organics. Why pay to landfill materials that your WWTP is perfectly equipped to process itself?

Reducing organics and water in grit output directly reduces the volume, weight and quantity that you will need to handle, truck and dispose of. The Hydro GritCleanse from Hydro International uses sand bed filtration to clean captured grit to less than 5% volatile solids (organics), which also reduces the amount of water attached along with the organics.

This short video will help you discover how fluidized bed grit washing works, as well as the numerous benefits that the system offers. The Hydro GritCleanse has been optimized to address the maintenance difficulties and operational issues inherent to conventional fluidized bed grit washing system designs. The result is a system that outputs clean and dry grit while remaining easy to maintain and operate.

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