Get Cleaner and Drier Grit with Hydro GritCleanse

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The Hydro GritCleanse is the only fluidized bed grit washing system specifically designed to work with the top performing advanced grit separation systems, the HeadCell and Grit King, and is engineered to fully capitalize on their phenomenal performance. When a Hydro GritCleanse system is paired with Hydro’s grit separation technology Hydro International can guarantee entire system grit removal performance.

All stainless steel construction and heavy-duty design ensures durability even in outdoor operation. The Hydro GritCleanse uses a shafted screw design with an external lower bearing. Unlike classifiers with shaftless screws there is no need for liners or steel wear bars that often need to be cut out and replaced, requiring complete disassembly of the unit. Instead, the Hydro GritCleanse is equipped with a long lasting four-bolt lower bearing that can be accessed and serviced from the outside of the trough, saving both money and downtime. The shafted screw design reduces wear and eliminates the need to replace wear bars or liners.

The dewatering screw pivots to allow easy access for maintenance. Rinse water is injected via nozzles that are accessible externally. Other systems use neoprene membranes to introduce rinse water, but membranes are subject to fouling when using nonpotable water. The membranes are also typically stacked within the screw/clarifier assembly, which requires complete disassembly for maintenance. 

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