Simplicity, Reliability and Space Savings Make the Rotary Fan Press an Easy Choice

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Simplicity, Reliability and Space Savings Make the Rotary Fan Press an Easy Choice

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Problem: Tybee Island, Georgia, has a steady population of approximately 3,000 residents. With approximately 1.7 million tourists visiting the island each year, this increases solids handling significantly. While the amount of wastewater needing treatment drastically increases with higher seasonal flows, there are no increases in operators or manpower to manage this.  

Solution: In 2012, Tybee Island selected Prime Solution’s Rotary Fan Press as the solution to their outdated belt filter press. As flows continually increased year over year, they knew they needed to increase their capacity without requiring more operators, and have it fit within their existing building space. In 2020, they again elected to go with a second Rotary Fan Press skid system, without outside engineering and within the existing building space, thus saving time and cost.

Result: Shari Haynes, plant superintendent, says adding the second press not only cut dewatering time, but allowed the city to save money. They went from running 10-12 hours per day, seven days a week to eight hours a day, five days a week. She also stated the ease of use and low maintenance allow them to easily train operators and meet plant requirements with fewer hours required. 

Prime Solution’s Rotary Fan Press is simple, yet effective, mechanical dewatering equipment that is customized to fit the needs of each customer.

Higher cake solids and capture rates

As a newer, innovative piece of technology, the Rotary Fan Press was designed to handle most common sludges, producing high cake solids and capture rates.

More throughput

Meeting hydraulic throughputs of up to 390 gpm, the Rotary Fan Press is designed to meet the needs of multiple types of treatment plants, with a smaller footprint than competing technology. In fact, almost twice the throughput in some instances.  

Innovative products

Prime Solution continually strives to understand customer needs and makes updates and adjustments to help them solve sludge dewatering challenges. With only one wear part that can be serviced externally, the addition of the 2.0 to help break up harder to dewater sludges, and a lifetime warranty on the filtration element, Prime continues to bring innovation to the industry.

Automated system

The Rotary Fan Press can be automated to run during the day and overnight without any attendance. This allows personnel to focus on other duties during their workday and allows for increased processing capabilities during off hours.  

Less maintenance

With very little maintenance required and one wear part, the Rotary Fan Press has one of the lowest overall price points. With regular preventive maintenance, the Rotary Fan Press will last for years and years, with minimal wear part costs.  

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