SpiraSnail Compact – Grit Dewatering Designed to Fit

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SpiraSnail Compact – Grit Dewatering Designed to Fit

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Many treatment plants were initially designed to treat much lower flows than the volume they are called on to treat today. As population grows, so do WWTP treatment capacity needs. Buying additional land and the significant amount of civil construction work required to connect new lots to existing plant facilities can be too expensive for WWTPs with a limited budget.

This is particularly problematic for smaller plants with limited available footprint and competing process upgrade priorities. The SpiraSnail Compact grit dewatering classifier is designed with footprint limitations in mind. Compared to conventional grit dewatering classifiers, the system is designed to get maximum performance into a minimal amount of space. Shorter in width, length and height than many conventional grit dewatering classifiers, the SpiraSnail Compact can be installed in places other systems can’t.

The SpiraSnail Compact is suitable for small and mid-sized plants looking to upgrade their grit removal performance while preserving valuable plant space. Designed for easy maintenance and trouble-free operation the SpiraSnail Compact also requires no plant water to operate. When paired with a Grit King Compact, smaller plants can now have a complete high-performance advanced grit management system in a fraction of the footprint of conventional grit removal technologies.

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