Compact Grit Removal Products Customized to Fit Small WWTP’s Needs

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Compact Grit Removal Products Customized to Fit Small WWTP’s Needs

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Hydro International’s compact line of grit removal brings all the advantages of advanced grit management within reach of even the smallest wastewater treatment facilities. Grit King’s proven performance is now available in a new configuration tailored to meet the flows, footprints and budgets of smaller treatment plants in the Grit King Compact. 

Grit King Compact has a very small footprint and is customizable to fit within your existing facility. With customizable inlet and outlet locations and no need for a long approach channel, the system significantly reduces construction costs or costs to modify your existing infrastructure or piping when installing the system.   

The SpiraSnail grit dewatering classifier has also been redesigned to meet the specific needs of smaller wastewater treatment plants. The result is the SpiraSnail Compact. SpiraSnail Compact retains many of the maintenance-friendly benefits of the SpiraSnail but within a smaller footprint and height. The system features a shafted screw design and requires no water.

Grit King Compact can be paired with either a SpiraSnail Compact or a Decanter dewatering system for a complete grit removal system that is the ideal fit for small treatment plants. Both types of grit systems are very low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for remote or satellite plants that are not staffed continuously. 

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