News Briefs: HBO’s John Wilson Explores a WWTP

Also in this week's water and wastewater news, Akron, Ohio's mayor battles a costly sewer project

News Briefs: HBO’s John Wilson Explores a WWTP

In a piece by The New Yorker, the spotlight shines on John Wilson, the multitalented creator of HBO's "How To with John Wilson," as he ventures into the intriguing world of municipal sewer and water systems. 

Amidst the tour of a wastewater treatment plant in Hoboken, New Jersey, Wilson's inquisitive nature leads him to amusing encounters. The article provides a glimpse into Wilson's filmmaking process and his collaboration with Michael Koman, revealing the importance of these essential systems to New York City and the potential consequences if they were to cease functioning.

Unprecedented Ocean Heat Wave Hits Florida's Coast

A recent report from NPR explores an ocean heat wave off Florida’s coast that is shattering temperature records. 

While the El Niño weather pattern plays a role, scientists emphasize that climate change is the driving force behind this intensified heat. Jenny Staletovich from member station WLRN in Miami shares her firsthand observations, highlighting the striking impact on water temperatures, which have been soaring as high as 98 degrees in some areas. 

Akron Mayor Battles Costly Sewer Project

The Akron Beacon Journal sheds light on Akron, Ohio, Mayor Dan Horrigan's fierce opposition to a proposed $209 million enhanced high rate treatment plant mandated by the U.S. EPA. Horrigan argues that the project is wasteful and unproductive, denouncing the potential destruction of mature trees and the scenic landscape. 

With a formal notice issued to federal officials, the mayor is taking a stand against what he considers an exorbitant expense that could burden sewer customers with a 20% rate increase.


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