Here are the answers to the Jan. 17, 2022 edition of TPO's Exam Study Guide:

What color is the waste gas burner on a properly operating anaerobic digester with an approximate mixture of methane 68% and carbon dioxide 32%?
Answer: The answer to this question is C, blue. Anaerobic digestion uses waste gas burners to burn excess gases from the digestion system. It has a continuously burning pilot flame to safely perform this action. Methane rich gases burn with a blue flame and carbon dioxide rich gases burn orange. This is a quick way to visually check your gas content in the anaerobic digester. This is also a safety device to help with explosive conditions that arise with volatile gases such as methane.

What tool and setting would an operator use to identify a blown fuse?
Answer: The correct answer is D, volt-ohm-meter/continuity. A volt-ohm-meter or multimeter is a hand-held device capable of measuring several functions within an electrical circuit. The multimeter is a common tool used by operators to identify faults during field service maintenance work. For example, the multimeter positioned in the continuity setting will give an audible alarm when a complete path for current is detected. This helps operators identify a blown fuse, bad switch, or any other electrical connection/component.


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