Project Roundup: Groundbreaking Ceremonies, Construction and More

See what’s going on around the country in this listing of new water and wastewater projects

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British Columbia
Project: New water treatment plant
Details: In its first major test since installation, the plant is functioning as intended
Status: Completed
Cost: $8.2 million

McLoughlin Point
Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: It’s outfall pipe is the largest pressure pipeline project to date in North America, and the largest solid wall HDPE pressure pipe in North America to be fusion welded
Status: Has entered final construction phase
Cost: Unknown

Los Angeles
Project: Hyperion Membrane Bioreactor Pilot Facility
Details: Will soon install a facility to test membrane bioreactors from three different manufacturers for a period of one year
Status: Installation work has begun
Cost: Unknown

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Original 1960s plant was unable to treat phosphorus
Status: Targeting a November 2021 completion
Cost: $37 million

Project: Upgrading sewer collection system
Details: The city entered into a consent decree, requiring it to fix Oahu’s aging sewers
Status: Slated for 2024 completion
Cost: Unknown

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: Will be able to handle 600,000 gpd
Status: Plans to be fully operational sometime next year
Cost: $7.3 million

Terre Haute
Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Fixes issues the city has had for years with brown water and inconsistent pressure
Status: Recently completed
Cost: $2.5 million

Project: New water treatment facility, upgraded wastewater treatment facility
Details: Wichita currently discharges more than three times the amount of nitrogen and four times the amount of phosphorous into the Arkansas River than will be allowed in 2027
Status: Slated for 2027 completion
Cost: $1 billion

Project: Water main replacements
Details: Will replace 1,500 feet of water main originally installed in the 1940s and 1950s
Status: Construction has begun
Cost: $750,000

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Plant is a temporary fix while state agencies find a solution for addressing industrial pollutants in local aquifers
Status: Recently completed
Cost: $11 million

North Dakota
Project: Water treatment plant expansion
Details: Expansion will incrase capacity from 18 mgd to 26 mgd
Status: Slated for fall completion
Cost: Unknown

Project: New wastewater treatment plant
Details: System is designed to accommodate 300 structures
Status: Construction begun, slated for completion within 18 months
Cost: $11.4 million

Project: New well, new water treatment plant, and new wastewater treatment plant
Details: The projects will give the city enough water and sewer capacity for 20 to 40 years of growth
Status: The fast-growing city just started pumping water out of its new well
Cost: $30 million total

West Virginia
Marshall County
Project: New water treatment facility
Details: City has been running on a plant from the 1950s
Status: Groundbreaking ceremony held
Cost: $6.5 million

Project: New water treatment plant
Details: Will resolve capacity issues and provide safer water for people and the environment
Status: Groundbreaking ceremony held, slated for 2022 completion
Cost: Residents will see an increase of $300 on water bills annually


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