Here are the answers to the July 30, 2020 edition of TPO's Exam Study Guide:

1. To perform the settleable solids test, what piece of equipment is used?
The answer to this question is D. Imhoff cones are used to measure large suspended particles that settle quickly. The test takes one hour to perform. The result indicates the volume of solids removed by sedimentation or settling in ponds, tanks or clarifiers. Of note, the settleometer is used to test settling of MLSS or Ras MLSS in activated sludge facilities. Knowledge of laboratory techniques is important for all operators to advance in their profession.

2. What criteria determines if a space is classified as confined? 
The correct answer is A. Confined spaces are a common hazard in the water industry, so properly identifying confined spaces is pertinent to keeping personnel safe. A few examples of concerning areas might be valve or pump vaults, chemical storage bins, filters, and water storage tanks or reservoirs. These hazards, if not properly addressed, can result in serious injury including death. Additional information on identifying permit-required and nonpermit-required confined spaces can be obtained through 29 CFR 1910.146.


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