Better Wastewater Treatment? It’s a Wrap.

A graphene shield helps particles destroy antibiotic resistant bacteria and free-floating antibiotic resistant genes in wastewater treatment plants

Better Wastewater Treatment? It’s a Wrap.

Improved bacterial affinity and reactive oxygen species generation enhances antibacterial inactivation in wastewater by graphene oxide-wrapped nanospheres developed by scientists at Rice University and Tongji University, Shanghai. Antibiotic resistance genes released by inactivated antibiotic resistant bacteria in the vicinity of photocatalytic sites on the spheres facilitates their degradation. (Graphic courtesy of Alvarez Research Group/Rice University)

Think of the new strategy developed at Rice University as “wrap, trap and zap.”

The labs of Rice environmental scientist Pedro Alvarez and Yalei Zhang — a professor of environmental engineering at Tongji University, Shanghai — recently introduced microspheres wrapped in...

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